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Göd's smallest kayaks compete with the Szarvas

Göd's smallest kayaks compete with the Szarvas

On June 1, the Corus Cup competition was held in the center of Charvas, in one of the backwaters of the Corus River, where 17 children from Jude traveled. Nearly 700 competitors from 30 divisions took part in the competition, and Gödi SE kayakers won four medals (2-1-1).

David Bailey Evaluation of what happened in the competition:

We traveled to Szarvas with the U10-U11 age group, where the competition was held in excellent conditions, and almost all children can ride on flat water. Everyone started at 2000 metres, as competitions in this age group are held at this distance everywhere.

Göd kayakers paddled in single and double boats, each of which had only one race number. We went by train, and considering the distance, we had a very long day before we got back to Judd, which is why I'm thinking that if we travel to this race again next year, we'll sleep there for one night, set up a tent, and then do another training session on Sunday.

Since their younger brother was competing anyway, we joined Nóri Erdős and Imrik Bogi as well, competing in their U12 and U13 age groups. In addition to the core of Group A, who are already routine competitors, some Group B students were also making their debut, so we had to pay close attention to details so that their first impressions of the competition would be positive.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents, because they helped me with many things, giving the children security and self-confidence. The edges of the course were areas full of seaweed and flowers, so everyone had to be careful not to get too close to the shore during warm-ups and laps during the race, because aquatic plants hitting the rudder or oar could cause serious damage.

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In the end, we achieved two victories and got all kinds of medals, but the most important thing is that before the regional competition on June 8 (it will be in Socoron), we gained more experience on how to compete effectively in large fields.

Our results:

I'm laying down
Nora Erdos MK1 U12

Sütő Bejke – Tori Alexa MK2 U10

secondly. place
Songor Bakozdi Szabo – Marton Party MK2 U11

Third. place

Szunga Varga MK1 U11

Arch. place

Aguston Erdos MK1 U10

V place
Karoly ZIL MK1 U10

VI. place

Emeric Buttercup MK1 U13

Livia MK1 U10 hanger

Seventh. place

Oliver Erde – Sütő Csanád MK2 U11

Daniel Stumpf MK1 U11

Emilia Pink MK1 U10

Eighth. place

Maja Emeric MK1 U11

Ninth. place

Slezzak Zsombor MK1 U11
Marton Rozsavolgyi MK1 U10

Place X
Matej Melinski MK1 U11

Zseliki Bohus – Hungary MK1 U11

eleventh. place
Ellis Vilmos MK1 U11

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