Gmail is down and other Google services are crashing

Gmail is down and other Google services are crashing

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We were already able to use YouTube, Gmail, and Drive around 2:30 in the afternoon, and it looks like Google has fixed the error.

Gmail is reporting a temporary error, and mail isn’t loading. Map to me Complaints were mainly received from the United Kingdom and Europe, but parts of the United States and India were also affected, with more than ten thousand respondents so far. Several Brits wrote that they had problems with other Google services, could not log into Google Docs, or the search engine was not working. Some of our colleagues have been experiencing the latter for a while, Calendar and Drive crashes, just like YouTube is unavailable. Almost all Google services seem to be affected, with crashes even on Play Store, Stadia, Hangouts, Classroom, and even Pokémon Go (!!). Google has yet to announce anything about the unusually large shutdown.

There was an issue with Facebook Messenger last week, in which users were unable to send messages to each other for hours.

According to Google’s Status Index, almost all services are down. Photo:
Domus Zuzana / 24 Reporter writes a temporary error. Photo:
Nothing is okay with YouTube either. Photo:

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