Global warming: half a million cooked live mussels in New Zealand

MTI wrote that due to unusually warm ocean waters, nearly half a million mussels are “live cooked” off the coast of New Zealand. The researchers say the phenomenon may be linked to climate change.

Serendipity Cemetery lives in Auckland Brandon Ferguson It appeared at Maunganui Bluff Beach near the far north of the North Island earlier this month. The man also posted a video on Facebook as he waded through empty shells piled between the coastal rocks.

Chris ButterchelAccording to an ecologist at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, similar mass destruction has been observed in recent years, among other things, in mussels. The common features of the cases are high temperature, lots of sunshine and very calm sea water for a prolonged period.

The combination of these factors leads to heat stress and the animals do not receive oxygen due to the calm water. Then one day they surrender to nature and practically cook alive

Patrichel explained, who said that unusually extreme environmental conditions are linked to climate change.

Marine Researcher, University of Auckland, Andrew Jeffs According to climate change, the mass mortality of mussels is likely to increase. According to the expert, as a result of the warming of the oysters, over time the clam populations will move to cold water.

Featured image: Stefan Sauer / AFP

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