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Global sensation in China. Human history must be rewritten after this crushing discovery

Global sensation in China. Human history must be rewritten after this crushing discovery

Archeology is a wonderful science that allows us to learn about the past and discover the wonderful treasures of ancient civilizations. These discoveries are often surprising and revolutionize our understanding of history.

An exceptional and mysterious discovery was recently made in a cave in Bolivia: AD. On a pile of 1040 filled with psychoactive plants. This discovery provides early evidence of the presence of shamanism in this region. In addition to the exotic materials, wooden boards decorated with intricate carvings and a decorated pipe were found, indicating that the shamans performed sophisticated rituals and had deep knowledge of the effects of hallucinogenic substances.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual tradition that developed in different parts of the world among different peoples. Shamans are mediators between the spiritual and material worlds, serving as healers, counselors, and spiritual guides. Shamanism has its origins in the Stone Age and has flourished in many cultures throughout history.

This is what our ancestors looked like 7,000 thousand years ago: They created an eerily lifelike replica of a shaman with the help of scientists

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An ancient human skull has caused a sensation in northeastern China. The “Dragon Man” skull is believed to be at least 146,000 years old, and bears a striking resemblance to the skull of a modern human. However, it also has unique features such as a wide, low face and large molars. This discovery raises questions about previous theories of human evolution and suggests that ancient human species were much more diverse than previously thought.

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additional Archaeological findings They point to the advanced cognitive abilities of Neanderthals. Decorated shells have been found in Italy, revealing artistic talent, while a special tool used in processing leather attests to advanced craftsmanship.

Recent research on the destruction of the Library of Alexandria paints a more accurate picture of this tragic event in history. Contrary to popular belief, the library's decline was gradual and not caused by a single disaster. Bureaucratic difficulties and budget cuts may be behind this decline.

These remarkable archaeological discoveries encourage historians to rethink their understanding of the past and highlight the amazing complexity and diversity of ancient civilizations. Archeology provides a key to the treasury of the past and helps us understand the true face of history.

source: Ancient origins

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