Gitch is going to be a witch-like city building game

Gitch is going to be a witch-like city building game


In addition to Witcher, the game will also carry Frostpunk style tags.

4/14/2020 13:03 | Jerig | Category: Game

Recently formed polish Covenant The studio was founded by formerly seasoned developers CD RED Project Or the 11 Bit Studios It belongs to its ligament. The studio also announced its first solo game the other day, which will carry familiar tickets from elsewhere accordingly.

a Jord It will be an urban building strategy game, however, it will be planted in a dark, gloomy fictional environment reminiscent of The Witcher games. Players will be tasked with building a small village and managing the lives of those who live there. However, in such a world, this does not mean only the construction of new buildings, but more diverse tasks.

On the one hand, the village must be constantly developed and expanded, but at the same time the survival of the population must be ensured. The world is also inhabited by mythical creatures who sometimes come to our village to feed. We have to protect others from them with walls and guards. And sending the bravest ones from time to time on the raft to return with raw materials and new products. Keeping the population healthy will also be an important part of the game. If a lot of horror happens around them, they will tend to go crazy with awe, and that doesn’t offer very good things in village life.

Gord is only scheduled to be released on PC sometime in 2022, with a new preview added. ■

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