Girl's face!  Are the heroes of the famous Netflix series engaged?

Girl’s face! Are the heroes of the famous Netflix series engaged?

This is how fantasy becomes reality!

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In the summer of 2021, everyone is literally a Desires / Reality clicked NetflixNot by chance: The story was fiery, exciting, and full of surprises, plus the chemistry between the actors playing Bradette and Billy simply exploded, which made the story work very well.

Of course, the chemistry that works well was not at all a coincidence, as the actors (Sarah Shahi and Adam DemosThey fell in love with each other in real life, and even rumor has it that Sarah divorced her then-husband during filming just to be with Adam, which, let’s face it, is eerily identical to the story in the series.

And while many have said that the suddenly blazing Roman starlet between Sarah and Adam won’t last long, the pair have been inseparable since the shootings in 2020, in fact, they seem to have taken it to the next level, too. In the latest paparazzi photos, Sarah is clearly wearing a beautiful ring on her left hand, which gives us reason to believe that the dream-Netflix duo are engaged!

So far, the news hasn’t been confirmed by either party, but we’re pushing for this episode to be like this, because we really love to see couples in movies find each other in life…

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