Gigabyte revealed its vision for PC

The Cielo 5G project pours into a modular and portable desktop concept.

The PC repair process appears again from time to time, because when you think about it, the desktop systems sector does not change much, but this does not mean that everything will be fine. Gigabyte is now available the whole project, which is trying to revamp desktop computers under the Aorus brand, from several angles as well.

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The concept is based on the fact that the entire system becomes modular and forms three composable layers. A large Bluetooth audio system will work at the bottom, a battery in the middle to power it, while the computer itself with different interfaces will be on the upper layer, and 5G antennas will obviously be located on top, which will obviously provide 5G connectivity.


5G is an important factor here because the mainstay of Project Cielo is wireless operation. That is why it has a battery, and therefore the system itself is easy to carry, wherever you can take it, and thanks to 5G, all data transfers can be carried out wirelessly.

Of course, this is all understandable, and in recent years we’ve seen experiments with modular computers from manufacturers that are no longer around, but not to mention that they weren’t even designed for portability. The last factor may be the key to success, but it may not be.

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