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Gigabyte engineers dream of cable-free computers – PCW

Gigabyte engineers dream of cable-free computers – PCW

Gigabyte dreamed not only of a cable-free desktop, but also of a giant OLED screen for your table, which believes that red and black are no longer the best color combination for gamers.

Gigabyte built a huge pavilion for COMPUTEX, larger than any other, and even rented a closed VIP room, which we also had access to. The company has clearly pushed its server solutions to the forefront, as it can offer a complete solution by being a key partner of all the important players (Nvidia, Intel, AMD). The company did not skimp on big statements such as:

The iPhone's AI moment has just arrived!

The statement is a strong one, but if you think about it, it might also be true, since all actors are basing their vision of the future on AI — it would hurt the entire profession if AI was a balloon. Fortunately, we received not only server products, but also new client-side products from the company.

Gigabyte's enclosed room was finally greeted with the classic motherboard wall, where the company showed off the new boards. The most interesting among them is the 870/870E AMD AM5 model family, which is designed for the new AMD Ryzen 9000 CPUs, but of course also handles older AM5 CPUs.

On the other shelf we found more obscure papers. They are actually made for the next generation Intel Lunar Lake Core Ultra CPUs, but Gigabyte employees have taken pains to hide all confidential information. Also new to the Intel and AMD interfaces is the VGA version's EZ-Latch Plus button located on the edge of the board, making installation easier, as well as a magnetic cooling fin, which can also be opened with one finger, covering the middle portion of the board. Plates.

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Even here, it becomes clear that the company no longer believes only in the red and black color combination when it comes to gamer components: white versions of motherboards are also being made, and not just partially white, but completely white. The Gigabyte Stealth ICE, a continuation of the previous Stealth concept, fits this perfectly. On the snow-white motherboard, all connectors are located on the back panel, which also comes with a matching white housing. To prevent black or other colored components from accidentally entering the Stealth ICE, a white card from a Gigabyte GeForce RTX Eagle was installed (although this was not yet a hidden cable solution), and a white color from a water-cooling Aorus AIO was also chosen.

As an addition, the company is also experimenting with an external OLED screen, which is only 5-6 inches in size, but when supplemented with software, it can be used to display any information, it can even be integrated into the home, or it can take a place on your desk with a separate stand. The final release still has a long way to go, but hopefully it will be released this year and only one Type-C port will be needed.

Gigabyte also showed new models of monitors. The QD-OLED panel of the 49-inch Aorus version can be refreshed at 144Hz and offers dual QHD resolution. Of course, OLED Care technology is not missing either, but if the panel burns out, the manufacturer will replace the entire screen for 3 years.

The Aorus FO32U2P has a normal 16:9 aspect ratio, and also has a QD-OLED panel, but is capable of adaptive refresh at up to 240Hz at native resolution. Another interesting feature of this version is DisplayPort 2.1 connectivity, which makes its world debut here and is currently only supported by the Radeon RX 7900 series (on Nvidia's website, it will appear with the GeForce 50 family). With DP2.1, the display can handle the full 80Gb/s bandwidth, and you can even daisy-chain multiple displays.

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Our on-site reporting is supported by TAITRA, the regulator of COMPUTEX. the Budapest branch of the Taiwan Trade Center It is one of 60 TAITRA offices, which supports joint work between Hungarian and Taiwanese companies.

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