GIGABYTE also introduces AMD EXPO technology for its Intel motherboards

GIGABYTE also introduces AMD EXPO technology for its Intel motherboards

This is a very smart decision on the part of the motherboard manufacturer, and many people can follow suit.

AMD at the end of last month revealed it Extended Overclocking Profiles, or EXPO standard for short, whose core is identical to Intel’s XMP technology, i.e. providing memory manufacturers with some kind of profiling tuning outside of JEDEC.

AMD made this license in the same way as the Intel solution, that is, as with an Intel processor that is not required for XMP, and the AMD platform is not necessary for EXPO. This vulnerability will be exploited for the first time by Gigabyte, as the company announced that its already released Z690 and B660 control bridges motherboards will receive a new BIOS, which will also support EXPO technology, and in the future this will be a general feature of the company in the version of motherboards, that is, they You will manage XMP and EXPO profiles at the same time.

Although this move seems illogical, Gigabyte has already made a very smart decision, since memory manufacturers will not necessarily design all memory to store XMP and EXPO profiles on. If they decide to do this, it is possible that tuning files based on two different technologies will not have the same parameters, which limits the options for users if the motherboard processes only one standard. However, if the BIOS is able to read XMP and EXPO tuning profiles, then it does not matter what kind of memory the user buys, he can certainly order the best possible setting, of course, only if it works stably on a particular platform.

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Given the above, many manufacturers of motherboards can follow this step, since there are no significant risks, after all, only the BIOS assembly is required, the license is paid to the participants in any case, and the test is permanent.

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