Giant termite castles appeared in a Chinese city

Giant termite castles appeared in a Chinese city

Hong Kong studio Cheng Chung Design dreamed up a medieval, mystical, and architecturally unusual restaurant in Dongfengyun, China.

However, the complex is not just a simple restaurant. Its complexes, which resemble huge termite castles, include an exhibition space, an art gallery, a hotel and a multifunctional hall.

the 50% off cloud artist lounge A local artist, Luo Hsi, was commissioned to design a place called. The structures of the brick masonry complex were created without rebar and nails. Inside is clean and kind of neutral companion Don’t accidentally get distracted by the artwork on display.

The furniture in the building is simple,

The interior of the building is decorated in calm colors and curvilinear shapes.

Inside, they skillfully play with both artificial and natural light, which also serves as a decorative element, as well as a practical function, helping to illuminate the works on display.

(source: seas)

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