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Giant stones can be moved by sounds in the mysterious ancient city, and scientists have come up with amazing theories

Giant stones can be moved by sounds in the mysterious ancient city, and scientists have come up with amazing theories

Nan Madol is an ancient gendarmerie town located on the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. This architectural marvel was built between the 8th and 16th centuries and is also called the City of Palaces. Nan Madol is famous for its buildings made of huge stone pillars and water channels spanning a network of bridges. The buildings consist of about 100 islands in a lagoon surrounded by coral reefs. The city's importance and mystery have led to it being surrounded by many myths and legends. According to some, the city was built by the divine king Isokelekel with the help of his mystical magic. Others believe that Nan Madol is a huge tomb where ancient kings and nobles were buried.

To build the Nan Madol buildings, thousands of uncarved columns had to be transported here. The weight of one foundation stone is estimated at 50 tons. All the buildings are an architectural puzzle, It is impossible to know how the huge stone blocks were transported here. A simple raft will not be able to cope with it, and the nearest basalt deposits are located several kilometers away.

There are many myths and assumptions surrounding the way it was built. According to one legend, several centuries ago, two brothers received magical powers from the gods, enabling them to move heavy stones to a construction site. According to another opinion, Pohnpein was once inhabited by an advanced civilization that knew the secret of controlling sound waves, and thus was able to move and lift huge pieces of stone. The most plausible assumption is that the abandoned city was built through the work of many people and over a very long period.

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One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Nan Madol is what the ancient legends of Pohnpei hold. According to locals, the city is inhabited by mysterious forces and spirits who helped with the construction and surrounding area of ​​the city. According to legends, the city was built by superior beings.

Perhaps the other biggest mystery surrounding Nan Madol is why the ancient inhabitants left the city. According to the latest data, leaving the city is approx. It happened around the year 1500, but there are no reliable sources on why it happened. Some theories suggest that natural disasters or food shortages may have caused population displacement, while others have suggested theories of orphanhood and social disorder. However, the exact reasons have not yet been deciphered.

    It was an unimaginable sight, an entire city frozen in ice, as if we had been caught in a disaster movie

It was an unimaginable sight, an entire city frozen in ice, as if we had been caught in a disaster movie

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The city is threatened by coral reefs that have begun to crumble stones. As a result of sea level rise and climate change, Nan Madol may be in greater danger.

Nan Madol became a World Heritage Site in 2016 and since then thousands of tourists visit every year to explore this fascinating ancient city. Visitors marvel at the massive stone buildings and the hidden history that gave birth to the city's confederation. Nan Madol is truly a unique and magical place that has fascinated people for generations. The ancient city holds many secrets, some of which have not yet been solved.

source: archaeologist

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