Géza Jeszenszky: Orbáns anti-Americanism is suicidal politics

According to the former foreign minister, there is no logical explanation for this, as it is “too useless and harmful.”

Geza Jescinski According to him, relations with the United States have been strained due to the hostile and insulting statements of the Orban government, despite the extensive economic, scientific and military relations, more restraint will be required in the spirit of “pragmatism”. Foreign Policy”. Former Foreign Minister Nepsava, former ambassador to Washington and Oslo He saidThis aggressive voice is incomprehensible, he sees

In Hungary, anti-American sentiments were artificially stirred up. (…) Today, part of Hungarian society is not shy about supporting Putin, and this group liked the way the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks to the United States. However, this is a harmful and suicidal policy, it does not benefit anyone, and at best Russia and China can happily watch that such disagreements exist within the NATO system.

– added Geza Jescinski.

David Pressman The US ambassador called a press conference on Wednesday, although no topic was formally decided, but according to assumptions, the US-Hungarian political tension may have more serious consequences, even may announce new sanctions after the double taxation agreement with Hungary already. terminated.

According to Népszava, it is possible to apply Magnitsky’s law against corrupt and illegal persons (Global Magnitsky Act) against Hungarian individuals. Based on this law, the Frontiers of Freedom organization made a declaration five years ago Victor Urban And against many family members, friends and his minister at that time.

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