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Get rid of them if there is little space in the kitchen

Get rid of them if there is little space in the kitchen

Trays and other serving dishes

Serving dishes are usually only served a few times a year during holidays or family dinners. The rest of the time, it is only dusted in hard-to-reach cabinets or pushed to the back of lower cabinets. It is not at all necessary for them to occupy this place. They can go to the basement, attic or for sale if there is not enough space in the kitchen.

Baking ingredients

Unless you bake every week, it's safe to say that your kitchen also has several kilos of expired flour, frosting, and powdered sugar hiding somewhere. Check all ingredients used in baking, discard those that are expired, and use or give away those that are close to expiration. To those in need. Next time you want to bake, don't buy ingredients in bulk, buy them so you can use them.

Deleted tools

Maybe you have a kitchen gadget in your kitchen that used to seem like a good idea, but now sits on a shelf or in a drawer. It's mostly just in the way. Whatever it is, if you don't use it for 12 months, you won't miss it.

Selects paper and other types of supplies

There are always leftovers of these, because we never dare to buy a few too many plastic cups for a kid's birthday party. Then the next year the same thing happens again, as the garbage piles up. Paper plates, plastic cutlery, all kinds of colorful napkins, old number candles (spare!) and so on. You should either throw them away or use them only if there is not enough space in the kitchen. You don't have to wait for the holiday.


Obviously, throwing away a perfectly good (unbroken) mug is weird. But if it's so good, why haven't you drunk it in years? They take up little space and can be put out during trash pickup, or the Red Cross welcomes donations.

Unused plastic

10-year-old yellow Tupperware, washed (but pressed) Teletál boxes, plastic containers left over from an order – you probably have a fair number of similar ones in your kitchen cupboard. Not to mention jars without lids and roofs without boxes. Why do you keep it? They can go a la carte, and they won't be missed.

Forty old tea towels

They tend to accumulate, although it's not at all necessary for dozens of tea towels to take up an entire drawer. What is torn, stained, burnt – feel free to throw it away. Let's buy new ones, 6-8 pieces will be enough, you have to spend a few hundred, it's worth it.


Of course, you don't have to throw away your grandmother's recipe book. Let's keep those that have ideological value, and even put them on public display in the kitchen if they trigger really good memories. However, it has been here since the 1990s, and has not opened for years Naked chefs They pick up dust completely unnecessarily, especially if the space is small in the kitchen. They even give them money at antique stores.

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