Gergely Karacsoni: “We have no idea we are a subject”

“Budapest, like many free Hungarian cities, is a republic. Budapest is a republic and will remain so,” the mayor said at the Freedom Walk.

In his speech Gergeli Karacsony stated that “the republic has been deprived of the name of our country as it has been removed from the work of the state.” At the same time, according to his words, the republic exists in free self-government, in the work of civilians, in the movement of teachers and students, in the medicine room, in the struggles of city defenders and legal defenders, in the local community. civilians and communities.

This is the recording of the speeches:

The mayor said that the ongoing struggle for the republic “is not only, nor is it even the least important” happening on the surface of party politics. At the same time, Gergeli Karacsony called the cause of the republic a common cause of opposition parties, “free local governments” and civilians, and then, referring to the local government elections scheduled for 2024, urged the protection of “free cities”. and increase their number.

It is to explain:

In the past, cities defended their values ​​by building walls, but today we are “tearing down those walls so we can do more for peace, freedom, and harmony.” “We are together again because we do not intend to be subordinate.”

He stressed, “Our destiny is shared with all those who hold the reins of their hearts today. We are one, one republic, one nation, one homeland.”

He also told of the 175-year-old Hungarian Revolution and the struggle for freedom that Budapest, which had united 150 years ago, welcomed on the bicentenary of Sandor Petofi’s birth.

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Referring to the Prime Minister’s ceremonial speech in Kiskoros, Gergely Karacsony thought that the poet would be interested in “which of his poems will be uttered by the glorious lords”.

“We are brought together (…) to be better and nobler than our Glorious Lords,” he said, and then described it as a bitter realization that “we have not done enough ‘for liberty’, if we have reason to fear our liberty again.”

“We will start by removing the shame (…), and we will not allow our country to become a pariah in Europe again,” he said.

The mayor believed that the “grandeur and tragedy” of 1848 stemmed from the fact that the peoples of Europe could only be free together. He declared that “everyone who wears the flower today must say freedom and peace to Ukraine and Hungary and to all peoples.”

He said: Freedom’s march does not end today, but it begins today, “We will meet in the same place in the same way, even if it is possible a little more.”

Event participants left Hősök Square at 3 pm, arriving just before 5 pm. Among other things, the demonstrators held banners that read “History is always written by the young,” and also waved the national flag and the checkered flag that has become a symbol of the Tananyak movement.

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