Gergely Gulyás promised an opening after Easter if the number of vaccines reaches 2.5 million MERS

Gergely Gulyás promised an opening after Easter if the number of vaccines reaches 2.5 million MERS

Minister Jirjili Gulyas announced in a press conference that if the number of vaccinated reaches two and a half million, the government will relax the quarantine rules. Under this:

  • The curfew will last until 10 a.m. instead of 8
  • The store can be open from 5 AM to 10 PM.
  • Each store can open, but can only be one customer within 10 square feet
  • Will return in terms of services The rules are before March 8th (So ​​beauticians, hairdressers, fitness rooms, tobacco shops, etc. can open it)
  • Schools and kindergartens will reopen on April 19

An interesting addition to March 8th One million people were vaccinated in Hungary, but stricter restrictions were announced only that day (see above).

Meanwhile, the epidemic Do not calm down: Yesterday in Hungary 272They lost their lives in the Coronavirus, which is the average death rate last week 228 Volts.

We wrote earlier:

Today, Prime Minister Viktor Orban is usually On Good Morning Hungary on Radio Kossuth It started from where it arrived from the Operations Staff meeting.

According to Orban, we’re doing pretty well in terms of bed capacity and “live power” (think health workers here). The Prime Minister said the British woman had created a third wave that could kick the younger generation off their feet.

He also talked about the fact that although we are better off in terms of vaccination than countries that have not requested an Eastern vaccine, they only trust Brussels, but they cannot vaccinate more people until there is enough vaccine available.

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Regarding the opening, he said: There is no doubt that our summer is free.

The Prime Minister also clarified that there are currently 400,000 vaccines in Hungary (more precisely, 517,000, but this also includes second doses) that they can be vaccinated with, and 250,000 Russian vaccines are in stock, but only to start. if Cecilia Muller examined her..

“We are now there to talk about rebooting, but immediate restart is not possible. As long as the infection is too high, it cannot be opened, but we are moving into a square meter system.”

You reported the possibility of re-opening the economy. There was also talk of stores and services opening at the operations staff meeting, but epidemiologists clearly protested this. Currently, they are considering opening on a maximum square foot basis, which says a person would have 10 square feet in stores, but that would be difficult to control.

In parallel, working hours will be changed from 19 hours to 21 hours, so the curfew can be extended to 22 hours.

This will be decided by the operations staff tomorrow morning or afternoon at the latest. In the case of schools, the Prime Minister stressed that as long as people over the age of 65 are not vaccinated, there is no room for restarting. Vaccination is 71 percent in this age group, and they are in a more difficult situation than those over the age of 80, and it is difficult to find them. The situation of the pregnant woman was also discussed in the meeting, and they came to the conclusion that they could be vaccinated with the Modena or Pfizer vaccine.

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Schools could open if, in addition to teachers, institutional workers were also vaccinated, so if this is achieved by April 10, there is a realistic chance of resuming education in the nineteenth semester.

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MTI / Tamas Kovacs

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