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Gergeli Karacconi tried to believe that he had attended a conference without an interpreter, but it turned out that he was trying to swing again.

Gergeli Karacconi tried to believe that he had attended a conference without an interpreter, but it turned out that he was trying to swing again.

Gergely Karácsony tried to explain her performance at an international conference on her community page without an interpreter, but several people were beaten up so quickly that a video of her full performance was also posted. The left-wing mayor promised to improve his English after a scandal broke out over his lack of language skills, but according to a video from the conference, he can’t even say “have a good evening” in English.

Left-wing mayor Gergeli Karaksoni wrote on his community page that he attended a conference in Poland. The politician’s community page only included pictures that did not show the interpreter machine, even though the mayor spoke only Hungarian during the entire conversation.So the “careful hands” did everything they could to portray Christmas as a character who could easily run an international conference without an interpreter.

Although Christmas promised to try to learn English as much as possible after the scandal related to the lack of his language skills, but in a video about the conference in Poland He couldn’t even say the “good evening” greeting in English.

Christmas still doesn’t speak EnglishSource: Dániel Deak / Facebook

Regarding all this, Daniel Diack, XXI. Century Institute analyst wrote on his community page that Gergely Karácsony boasts on his Facebook page that he attended an international conference in Poland. However, his photographers made sure that the photos they uploaded to his Facebook page did not display headphones for simultaneous interpretation at all at the head of Christmas, which indicates that the mayor speaks English, he added.

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However, a recording of the event was posted on the Internet, which indicates the reality: Christmas speaks Hungarian and listens to simultaneous interpretation.

Dániel Bohár, Pesti TV employee wrote Gergeli Karacconi spoke in a non-English language at an international conference. (He promised to start learning the language, but it doesn’t seem like even basic English will go for him.)

embarrassing shot You can view it here.

lying swirl christmas

As stated earlier, The lack of Christmas language skills has been the mainstay of public discourse for months. In May, after an interview with The Economist, it turned out that he could not speak English or use an interpreter in his international press appearances and discussions. Since the topic was particularly unpleasant for a politician striving for a high position, he repeatedly tried to explain to the audience why he did not speak a language other than Hungarian. He made several attempts at it, but most of all he claimed to have taken a secondary language exam.

In an explanatory post on Facebook on May 10, he wrote that he had taken a high school English exam years ago. But it turned out within moments that, contrary to what he claimed, he had never taken a state-recognized language exam – at least some newspapers had written about him. Christmas didn’t give up – it’s part of the nature of the lying vortex that the liar will fall deeper and deeper into it – and he started apologizing again. On a social networking site, he said, “Let me help the butler look for my language exam with a date: May 29, 2000.”

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In other words, the mayor specified the date above as the day he passed the language test. But according to Origo’s info

The publication date is the date of the lecture examination, but Christmas is bad again.

We have written about it several times That the language examination of the lecturer’s office cannot correspond to the language examination recognized by the state, because it corresponds to the basic score. By the way, it turned out many times that the left mayor did not understand a single sentence in English.

His participation in the current conference also made it clear that Christmas does not know a single word in the English language, so it is not possible to take a language test.

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