Gergeli Christmas Knife Stabbed in the Back of the Opposition

Gergeli Christmas Knife Stabbed in the Back of the Opposition

Varga-Damm: Gergely Christmas stabs the opponent’s back with a knife

The reformist prime ministerial candidate – who recently announced his candidacy – also spoke of the mayor as a “completely disloyal politician”.

Another candidate for prime minister signed last week. Degenerate Andrea Varga Dam sees the opposition unable to replace Orban’s government, so she will run in the 2022 elections. According to the prime ministerial candidate from the reformists, there is no change in the government, and “opposition politics has now turned into a campaign of billionaires, so even if the coalition wins The country will only come out of the bucket because there is no freedom, money.”

In Spirit FM News, he put it this way: “As early as 2020, polls showed I was the 26th most popular politician. Compared to just being politicized for 5 years, this is a very good place to be, especially since there are so many people out there. Behind me who have been on the political stage for decades, are at the forefront.”

Regarding the reasons he had just registered in December, when the campaign was in full swing, the politician replied that even during previous elections they saw that the parties and candidates were talking about cooperation with words, but they did not in some situations. We shy away from talking about each other. Also make a negative statement.

Was the initial selection unnecessary?

Varga Dam said the opposition spent HUF 1 billion on the primaries, which is presumably missing from party coffers. That is why the expedition was incomprehensible to him: it took much of what it brought, both material and energy.

According to him, in 82 electoral districts, primaries were as if they did not exist, as a small number of voters went to those districts. Moreover, since the primaries ended, the opposition has not politicized, it is reported, “They do not set socio-economic themes. They do not campaign, but vids.”

The Prime Minister-designate told the reformers that their main message was to change the government and the quality of governance.

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“I don’t think we need billionaires behind a party. The opposition is currently doing nothing but criticizing, talking about what Fidesz is doing – but we’ve been seeing this for 12 years. But he doesn’t talk about how to solve it,” said the politician.

According to Andrea Varga Dam, he reveals that their most important message is that half the law will destroy the existing constitution. But, according to the politician, there is no truth in that.

Gergeli Karaccone walks somewhere, then backs off.

The mayor had previously told RTL Klub Híradó about the campaign of György Gattyán and other politicians who had started with the colors of the opposition, who are not part of the opposition, all Fides mercenaries: “Camouflaged parties, camouflaged candidates”.
Andrea Varga Damm replied: “He won’t speak much instead of Girgili Caraxone.”

It was he who stabbed the knife in the back of the opposition. Christmas Gergeli goes somewhere, then backs off: a totally disbeliever politician. And by the time we’re here, the dialogue is the biggest party.”

he added.

According to the prime ministerial candidate, the mayor would better deal with the capital and hear the discontented voices qualifying for his work.

The whole conversation You can listen here.

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