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Gergeli Caraxone does not talk about his own topics, but is forced to explain

Gergeli Caraxone does not talk about his own topics, but is forced to explain

Gergeli Caraxone “still seems savagely oppressed”; Although the opposition mayor, who is running in the primaries as a candidate for prime minister, has launched his campaign, he is not talking about his own issues but compelled to explain, the head of the Viewpoint group told the Sunday Radio Kossuth.

Mrs Auguston Samuel stated that regarding the life and career of the mayor to date, a series of unpleasant questions arise, which Gergeli Karaxone could not give an authoritative answer, and he became more and more involved in these matters. And he added that his answers always raise three or four other questions, whether it’s about his language exam, his college career, or his graduation.

According to the analyst, Gergeli Karacsonni would be interested in starting an investigation that would close his case, but avoid that for the time being, and instead alternate between a detour and a confident approach.
He called it an absurd argument that the mayor said German Chancellor Angela Merkel did not speak English either; Moreover, the opposite has been proven.

Mr. Auguston Samuel pointed out that among the Hungarian Prime Ministers, Peter Medjesse was not fluent in English, but was good at French and was able to negotiate to some extent in English.

Speaking about street name changes in the future district of Fudan University, the analyst said: Entertainment is sometimes part of politics, and in this sense, mayor and ninth. The county mayor did.

Christmas GirgiSource: MTI / Márton Monus

However, in his view, this geopolitical thinking of Gergely Karácsony shows: that if elected, he will pursue a reclusive policy that seeks conflict, unlike the current government, which seeks to ensure that Hungary is not considered an enemy by the world. major powers. Moreover, he added, the measure was contrary to the order of naming public spaces, which says a lot about what the mayor thinks about the rule of law.

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Ms Aguston Samuel said: Gergeli Karacsonni’s “specialty” is that she can stand out as a victim – for example, screaming for lack of money and thus trying to avoid accountability for her promises – but The election of the prime minister is about whom Hungarians want to entrust the country’s leadership.
From a political point of view, from a performance point of view, there are also a lot of unpleasant issues with plowing rather than mowing, incomprehensible road closures, or uncoordinated renovations, he said. He added: There is a protest mood in the capital against the mayor.

Also talked about: Girgie Christmas He did not try to regain any position, but he always persisted, and he also has ambitions as prime minister and a candidate as mayor. The question is whether his constituents are angry at this or accept this “continuous ploy” from him, as Mrs. Auguston Samuel pointed out.

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