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Georgia Meloni has drawn attention to something very wrong

Georgia Meloni has drawn attention to something very wrong

With this, he sent a message to the Luxembourgian politician Nicolas Schmidt, the European Commission member responsible for job creation and enforcement of social rights, and the first candidate of the European Party of Socialists and Democrats (PES) family for this position. President of the European Commission in the European Parliament elections.

Giorgia Meloni described it as the left's sport to describe the right as a monster that limits rights and stops freedom.

Quoting Nicola Schmitt's words that he did not consider European Conservatives to be democrats, he asked whether, as head of the European Conservatives and Reformists and prime minister elected by a majority of Italians, “I am not a democratic leader, so what am I: a dictator?” “And if I am a dictator, what if they remove me by armed struggle?”

The center-right won the championship in Italy when it came to power in 2022, the Italian Prime Minister declared. “Now let's raise the bar and win the Champions League in Europe.”

The closing event of the campaign was held under the slogan “Italy will change Europe with Georgia” in the central Popolo Square, where, according to the organizers, the number of participants reached 30,000 people. Giorgia Meloni stressed that they want to do in Brussels the same thing they did in Italy, namely to push the “red, green and yellow” forces, which have caused so much damage, into opposition with a center-right majority.

He described the European Parliament elections as a historic turning point, a referendum between the “nihilistic, ideological and completely undemocratic left” and the proud and courageous right that challenges the roots. He added that he does not want a Europe where countries are classified according to the political color of their governments.

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“In the name of anti-fascism, some people are walking around Europe beating people,” said Carlo Fidanza, representative of the Italian Brotherhood party in the European Parliament.

Listing the programme's points, Giorgia Meloni called for family rather than gender, and Christian identity rather than Islamisation. He stressed that deaths on the migration route across the Mediterranean are not caused by restrictions imposed by the right-wing government, but by the left's “collusion” with human smugglers.

Anti-government protesters clashed with police at the same time as the FdI campaign concluded.

The Left Democratic Party also held an election campaign in Milan. “We are proud of our anti-fascist identity,” said its general secretary, Elie Shlein.

“We will tell the nationalists what Meloni does not have the courage to do. We will go to his allies, like Orbán, and tell them that he cannot want benefits from the EU if he does not share the responsibilities that come with them,” he stressed.

He called for granting citizenship to immigrants and demanded that no one tell the other who they love and that all marriages and family types be equal.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League party, also gave a speech in Milan, in which he called for a unified center right in the European Parliament.

He stated that the League would not vote for Ursula von der Leyen. As for potential allies, he believed that “between Emmanuel Macron’s bombs and Marine Le Pen’s peace, we must choose Le Pen.”

Source: MTI

Image: MTI

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