Georgia is preparing to reassert Biden’s victory for the third time after a recount, dealing a major blow to Trump’s attempt to reverse the results.

The recertification news is another blow to President Donald Trump, who has been around for weeks It claimed without foundation “Rigged” elections in the state and he attacked the election officials for not contesting the results in his favor. Monday Degree He will secure state results for Biden before the Electoral College vote on Dec.14, though Trump has continued his offensive against Ravensburger, the Republican, and has called for additional signature verification – which is, at this point, Procedurally impossible.
“We have now legally counted the votes three times and the results have not changed,” Ravensberger said during a press conference on Monday morning. Whether it is the President of the United States or Prof. Failed governor candidateDisinformation about the administration of elections must be denounced and rejected. Integrity is important. The truth matters. “

He continued, “Today, the Secretary of State’s office will re-certify the results of our state’s elections. Then tomorrow is the safe haven under the United States’ voter naming law, and then they will meet on December 14 to officially elect the next president.”

Biden Won The state won more than 12,000 votes, becoming the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Peach State in nearly three decades. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp approved Biden’s victory results on November 20, after statewide scrutiny that included manual counting of nearly 5 million ballot papers cast in the election.
Georgian officials, including Ravensberger, did Contested Trump’s claims Voter fraud is widespread, and on Monday, the Secretary of State said again that disinformation spread about the state’s elections is hurting the state.

“Continuing to make false allegations of election theft is detrimental to our state,” Ravensberger said. “The president has both his due process rights and those available to him. It is time for us all to focus on the future and growth.”

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Despite Trump’s claim that he will continue to fight the election results, legal appeals to revoke or delay certification of the results still fail. There is also a sense developing within his legal team and what remains of his campaign staff that their efforts to reverse or delay the election results are about to end. Multiple sources tell CNN Kaitlan Collins.

On Monday, a federal judge in Georgia rejected two requests from attorney Sydney Powell to reverse the state’s election results.

Judge Timothy Patten immediately ruled from court after nearly an hour of arguments: “The plaintiffs are not competent to bring these cases.”

Patten also rescinded a temporary restraining order that prevented election officials from scanning the most recent election data from Dominion voting machines in Cope, Gwinnett and Cherokee counties. Georgia election officials said the machines will be necessary for the early vote that begins next week before the January 5 Senate run-off.

As Trump’s chances of winning the state and trying to be reelected became distant, Republicans have turned their eyes on Run-off elections for the Senate, Which will determine who controls the room. Some Georgia Republican officials are concerned that the president’s repeated attacks on the state’s election process could harm the Republicans’ chances of winning races.
During a rally for incumbent Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue in Georgia on Saturday, Trump continued to publish false allegations about the election and the reasons for his loss. Earlier in the day, it is Kemp pressure To hold special elections and persuade state legislators to nullify Biden’s victory in the state. Kemp and Lieutenant Jeff Duncan issued a joint statement on Sunday denying requests from four senators for a special session.
When asked during Debate With her Democratic challenger, Reverend Raphael Warnock, on Sunday over Trump’s false allegations of election fraud and if she believes the election was rigged, Loewfler did not explicitly say so but responded, “It’s very clear that there are problems with this election.”
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CNN’s Marshall Cohen and Kevin Kunlun contributed to this report.

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