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George Clooney’s new movie under attack

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Central Media Group I visited.

The new romantic comedy of Julia Roberts and George Clooney is set in the paradise island of Bali, and some people can’t leave without saying a word. The production was filmed at a time when Bali was not accepting of tourists due to the pandemic, so the crew worked on a similarly scenic Australian island. This led to unrest.

Several people in the Indonesian press pointed out that the film was not original, as it was not shot in the original location. Indonesia’s tourism minister himself defended the production, saying that no matter where it was filmed, he definitely supported it. bali tourismt, which is the main source of income in the region.

Julia Roberts, George Clooney

Another complaint is that one of the Indonesian characters in the movie isn’t even her real-born, since Makim Potier is of French-Indonesian descent. According to the assumption, he was chosen for the role because he has European features, so Western audiences can recognize him more easily. A similar objection has been made before Wealthy Asians with stones Against the success of the film, where the main character, Henry Golding, is of Malay-English descent, so he is not “authentic” Asian either.

Julia Roberts, George Clooney

In addition, there was also an academic proposal: Intan Paramadith, who studies media and film at a University in Sydney, was upset because, in his opinion, jump in heaven It takes a typical colonial approach. Just like this Prayer tastes you like Case – from her too Julia Roberts Main Character – The main thrust of the current movie is that a tired white middle-class woman from the West travels to a strange place, and her life changes because of it. According to the coach, this scheme is used because such films are mostly intended for Western, tired, white, middle-class women, who would be very happy to see themselves on the screen again. However, with this, remote places are transformed into exotic landscapes, and the people who live there are just additions in the lives of great white guests.

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Julia Roberts, George Clooney

Indonesian director, Rahung Nasution, answered these questions. . wrote jump in heaven Its creators were given the freedom to photograph anywhere and with whomever they wanted. If the production was a documentary about Bali, shot in Australia, that would be a problem, but it’s a romantic comedy.

(Paradise ticket – local show: October 6 2022.)

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Julia Roberts and George Clooney Rebuild Half an Island

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