George and Amal Clooney are beaten up by their neighbors: annoying as you disfigure - star of the world

George and Amal Clooney are beaten up by their neighbors: annoying as you disfigure – star of the world

Every step of the world’s stars is followed by an army of photographers, constantly watching them even when they go out to a friendly dinner or simply go shopping. This is why the private sector is invaluable to them. The main consideration when choosing their home is to keep all prying eyes away from the fence.

George Clooney And his wife took care of everything when they bought their massive mansion in Berkshire, England, in 2014. The massive castle, built in the 17th century and its associated multi-hectares, has been able to escape the hustle and bustle of the world until now.

George and Amal Clooney were beaten this way by their neighbors

The couple’s peace of mind is disturbed by the owner of a dinner theater called The Mill in their area, even though Clooney and Amal Support the organization with a large amount.

The theater opened its doors in 1982, led by Tim and Eileen Richards, and after their deaths, their daughter Sally Hughes took over as director. The woman has had a cloudless relationship with Clooney in the past, which helped her get out of the most stressful situations. In March 2020, the theater and restaurant had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. To protect them from eventual bankruptcy, the Clooneys handed over more space from their private property and even donated money to the principal to expand the building.

But Hughes spent the sum on an entirely different investment. To save his parents’ legacy, he expanded the theater with rentable apartments and created an additional floor on it. Each of the newly built homes has a balcony, with not only great river views between the two properties, but also a peek at George Clooney’s villa.

Although the couple has not yet complained, they are unlikely to be left with a troublesome makeover. the daily Mail According to his informant, there may be a bigger problem in the colder months, because if the leaves of the fallen trees fall off, you will be able to see the thorn and the yard right next to it.

– Can’t tell how clear the view is from the apartments to the neighboring houses, as there are lots of trees lining the properties. It is easy for the surrounding residents to indicate that they have a problem with the remodeling of the mill and to file a complaint with the relevant authorities.

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