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“Geoparos is an amazing place!” – This is how Gyorgy Nogrady received the people of Oroshaza

“Geoparos is an amazing place!”  – This is how Gyorgy Nogrady received the people of Oroshaza

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Gyorgy Nogrady, one of the country's best-known security policy experts, gave a lecture in Orochaza. He spoke, among other things, about current foreign policy events in the world and their effects.

The presentation by the security policy expert received great attention. As he emphasized, this is not the first time he has visited Orochaza, he has also booked accommodation in Gyopárosfürdő, and he is always happy to return. Mayor Zoltan David expressed his happiness that György Nogrady accepted his invitation, because many people are concerned about the events taking place around us, and the security policy expert is the most appropriate person to answer the questions that arise.

Mayor Zoltan David welcomes György Nogrady (Photo: Christoph Nagy)

We are experiencing very busy years, György Nogrady told our current political question. Sweden is one of the richest countries in the world and has a very serious military history. It is in the common interest of both Hungary and NATO that the Swedes join NATO. This year is an election year, and it is conceivable that the political map of the world will be redrawn by the end of the year. The expert believes that the European Parliament elections can largely determine the political scope of Europe, but municipal elections are more important for the future direction of our country.

There was great interest in the evening (Photo: Christophe Nagy)

A human trafficker was recently arrested in downtown Orochaza. Regarding immigration policy, he said that more and more European countries want a solution. The British agreed to deport the immigrants to Rwanda. The Italians agreed to send them to Albania and determine their fate there. Europe is trying to find a solution, but it is doing so too late, as so many illegal immigrants have already influxed in 2015 that even today it is not possible to know exactly how many of them are in which country they reside. It is almost impossible to undo this.

The development of foreign policy can be largely determined by the US elections. György Nogrady also said that during Donald Trump's presidency, Hungarian-American relations were excellent, and they will be so again if he wins. Although Joe Biden is old and senile, the American justice system is doing its best to remove Donald Trump.

People sitting in the audience asked the security policy expert many questions, who provided immediate answers, complete with years, names and quotes. A high-quality and informative presentation was organized at the Petofi Cultural Center.

(Photo: Christoph Nagy)

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