Genesis Pallad 550 Gaming Backpack - Tools + Hardware

Genesis Pallad 550 Gaming Backpack – Tools + Hardware

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You don’t even need a (dedicated) place for this.

March 10, 2022 11:15 | by gerig | Widgets + devices

Nowadays, you can fry the player icon on just about anything, just put some RGB lighting on it, and you’re done. This is true even for chairs and tables for players. In any case, a lot of things have been made available to players in recent years, which of course is a very good thing. The player’s backpack is not a new concept either, in turn it can be more useful. Anyway, I find it hard to resist two things: winter coats and backpacks. But until now, I’ve never had a backpack like this Genesis Pallad 550.

The manufacturer also offers several types of backpacks, of which the Pallad 550 is the largest, although it is not much larger. country 500-at. The backpack consists of two main parts, but the overall design here was a bit cluttered. Typically the back is the large main compartment, followed by the smaller additional compartments. This time, it was reversed to the point where it became clear that the cabin at the far back contains only a laptop, a tablet, and possibly a keyboard.

Genesis Pallad 550 Gaming Backpack

The middle compartment is where other things can be packed. Within this, several pockets and smaller and larger ears help you get organized. There is a dedicated space for the mouse, and a separate hanger for headphones, but there is also a pocket for the power bank. There is also a cable port for this, which results in a smaller pocket on the side of the bag, where you can put the phone you want to charge. Another problem is that they are too small, and the 6.5 inch smartphone is no longer suitable for most of them… The main part has pen pockets and there is no detachable keychain. On the side of the bag there were four zipped compartments of approximately the same size, one for the phone already mentioned and the other for our glasses.

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Genesis Pallad 550 Gaming Backpack

In terms of material use and design, the Genesis Pallad 550 is made of extremely tough, tough and thick polyester. He does not squat or neck even if we put him empty on the floor, he has stability. In addition, the material is high quality, waterproof and durable. It feels like you can even throw your laptop in it, you won’t have any problem, but let’s not give it a try. The shoulder straps are also thick and durable, thanks to the easily wearable lining. This is also reinforced by the back cushions. Design has always been a subjective issue, but I think the look of the black base of the bag with its bright red stripes is very glamorous and sporty.

My only problem with the Pallad 550 is that while everything has a dedicated space, it doesn’t necessarily serve its entire purpose. The pocket size of the phone is not only small, but the same goes for the mouse. Well, a smaller mouse designed for ease of portability fits snugly, but the Logitech MX Master 2S I’m using has to be hacked, for example, and the same goes for the exception, it’s a bit tricky.

Genesis Pallad 550 Gaming Backpack

But instead Genesis Pallad 550 A backpack that truly meets all players’ needs. Of course, its features are not only useful if you’re just trying to get into a LAN party (if anyone does at all), but if you only use it in everyday life, say to go to work. But it can be a good choice for a trip, because we will really find a place for everything in it. ■

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