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Generative AI killed the Halo hero Master Chief’s best friend

Generative AI killed the Halo hero Master Chief’s best friend

In the age of artificial intelligence, there really isn’t any work left for Cortana, which was once intended to be the central Windows experience.

At its Build conference a few weeks ago, Microsoft made it clear that it envisions the period ahead as fascinated by AI services, with Bing Chat at the center and the new Copilot assistant, which assists users in their work by deploying generative AI models.

The new platform comes onto the scene with a wide range of capabilities, from creating scripts to writing summaries to changing computer settings, thus rendering the former favorite of the Redmond folks, the artificial intelligence known from the Halo games, Cortana, completely obsolete.

Microsoft announced in a support document that Apple’s Siri-style voice assistant is coming to an end.

“We are making changes to Windows that will affect users of the Cortana app. Starting in late 2023, we will no longer support Cortana as a standalone app on Windows. However, you will still have access to powerful productivity features in the operating system and the Edge browser that leverages AI capabilities. This affects The change is only to Cortana in Windows, while the productivity assistant continues to be available in Outlook and Teams.”

It was stated in the official announcement. Redmond residents have yet to remove traces of Cortana, which has seen better days, from everywhere, but deleting the dedicated Windows app is a clear sign that they no longer believe in the service’s future.

The assistant, which can be used for many basic operations (such as creating reminders, launching searches, opening applications) became part of the operating system in 2015, and then, forcing the concept, it was later released for mobile phones and Xbox, but users didn’t really like it. . Microsoft’s retirement was signaled by the fact that the company discontinued the mobile apps two years ago, and in the meantime, the console version also said goodbye.

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