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General Education: Vacation is approaching, but there are countries where students only get six weeks of vacation

General Education: Vacation is approaching, but there are countries where students only get six weeks of vacation

Oh, io,tion,tion,tion,tion,vacation! June 16 will be the last day of school, after which summer break will officially begin and next time you won't have to sit in the classroom until September. Speaking of which, we have collected the number of rest days students get in different countries of the world.

According to popular belief, summer vacation was originally created for children working in agriculture, so they could help on the farm. Nowadays, it is like relaxation after the long and tiring school year all over the world. During the break, you can travel and visit free beaches, but you also have time to earn money, and it can be useful to improve your language skills.

There are more fortunate countries – Hungary is one of them – where there is a teaching break from the beginning of June until September, but it is not uncommon – moreover, in countries very close to us – that students have only 6-8 weeks of break.


Children in Spain have 10 to 12 weeks of vacation in the summer, and schools usually close at the beginning of June. Spain has a longer summer holiday than most countries, mainly because Easter is shorter and, unlike the UK, for example, there are no half-term holidays.


Italy seems to have the most free time for students in the summer with 13 weeks of vacation. Like Spain, schools end in June and kids don't return until mid-September, which means they have about three months of summer fun.

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Summer holidays in France are much shorter than in Italy and Spain. French schools usually have an eight-week break, ending in July and starting the new academic year in the first week of September.

United kingdom

In the UK, school holidays vary between UK countries and regional authorities. The English academic year runs from the beginning of September to the middle or end of July. Most schools divide the year into three terms: The fall term runs from the beginning of September to mid-December (the term ends at the end of October). The spring semester lasts from the beginning of January until Easter (the semester ends in mid-February). The summer term runs from Easter to mid-July (the term ends at the end of May/beginning of June). Each semester is followed by a break of about a week, except for the summer semester, because after that students do not see textbooks for 4-6 weeks.

United States of America

School holidays vary from state to state, but usually last 10 or 11 weeks. This begins between May and June and ends in August or September, with children usually returning to school right after Labor Day (the first Monday in September).


Summer vacation for primary and secondary school students begins in the first week of July and ends in the first week of September, and lasts about eight weeks.


As in the UK, institutions in Germany operate differently from district to district during the summer, but often there is only a six-week break: the academic year begins at the end of July and the second half of September.

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Norwegian schools usually reopen in August, but schoolchildren still get a nice eight-week summer break when they finish the school year around mid-June.

To write the article a Yorkshire Times We found out from his article.

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