GeForce is now getting a new hardware base

The new POD delivers 240fps, but also requires something a little more serious to take home.

At this year’s CES, NVIDIA announced that GeForce Now has once again expanded with a new hardware base called the RTX 4080 SuperPOD. As it is known, the games on the cloud-based gaming service run on so-called PODs, and SuperPOD is a brand name that aims to emphasize that the current POD is the best out of the available PODs.

The Greens did not disclose the full hardware configuration, nor is there any data on how many GPUs the company uses inside the node, but the new system definitely uses GeForce RTX 4080 accelerators. It is very likely that they have retained the previous SuperPOD design, given that with Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors used , they manage to get 128 PCI Express lanes, to which a maximum of eight GPUs can be connected, and for systems like GeForce Now, this is optimal in terms of sustainability.

The new POD also introduces additional capabilities, making it possible to dial 240 FPS, but this does not work during every game, as this mode requires Reflex support on the side of the game to be turned on. It should also not be forgotten that the resulting stream actually contains 240 frames per second, which on the one hand is a heavy burden for a given Internet connection, and individual clients are not necessarily able to decode such content at the proper speed, so before using it it is worth familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the available client. locally. In no small way, a 240Hz monitor is also needed, since it is useless to require that many frames if the locally available monitor cannot display them.

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The RTX 4080 SuperPOD is available with a GeForce Now Ultimate subscription that costs €20 per month, or €100 for semi-annual billing. Of course, it is still worth considering that the hardware is under construction, so there are not necessarily enough systems, but their number will increase over time.

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