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Gathered for wine style on Császta hill | Blessing

Gathered for wine style on Császta hill |  Blessing

Those who live near Edelény and visitors to the community are invited to a community-style festival over the weekend.

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Hundreds visited Császtai Wine Style on Saturday, organized by the Edelényi Mountains group. At the traditional festival, in addition to concerts and children’s programs, those interested can taste the best flavors and excellent wines of the region.

“The pony can come!” – says the organizer on the phone, as it turned out later, the civil guards were helped to confess, since the parking lots on Császta Hill were already full in the early afternoon. Shortly thereafter, the trailer truck arrived so the youngest of them could get to know the cute four legs.

They climbed the mountain

Meanwhile, life also happens in Pursitany, where pedestrians get a musical backdrop not only for the good view, but also for the delicate nectar: ​​“If you go up the hill of Edelini,” the Metadó band pulls their feet.

Robert Roman and his family came from Edelene, Hungary. In addition to the children’s rocking castle, they were also curious about concerts. Together with his wife Levente Tóth, he planned wine watching and gastronomic shows as well as theater programmes. “We love this place, the view is beautiful and the wine is delicious,” he said.

László Kozák has grapes here on the hill that, among other things, make him gray-friendly, but he only uses nectar for the family’s wine in small quantities. “It was not like this before, and although this place is already well known, I am confident that this festival will have a good reputation as well.

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“We come from Szendró, we haven’t tasted the wine yet, then Dad will,” said Josefny Milicky, who came to watch her granddaughter’s folk dance performance with her husband.

Jeroen van Drunen and Lennard de Klerk already know Hungarian culture, moved to Hungary from the Netherlands in 2007, and only arrived in Erota in 2010, where they have operated a boarding house ever since. The Hungarian language was so mastered that it was spoken on a literary level. They know the region very well, and now they’ve gotten into the wine style. “When we were here 10 years ago, this place didn’t start to develop much.” “We came here too because the weather is very good and the company is very active,” said Jeroen van Dronen. Lenard de Klerk knows very well the theme of farewell in Casata, and thinks it is very good to see that wine culture is developing here as well.

Last summer, Laszlo Avonni was elected president of the Edlini Mountains community. Members decided they wanted to continue the work of the community, as they look back at a two-decade history, including Edelény and Advent’s Farewell series, The Crusade, which features Császta Vineyard. “We like to organize many new events, while keeping the traditions, so this is the current Csztai wine style,” said President Laszlo Avone. “Not only do we mean this as a community building event, we also want to do it for our environment. I found that membership moved on, and the entrepreneurs at Edelény were very active too. If we look around the mountain, it’s clear that more and more basement owners have beautified Their port, the roads of Porsettani have also been renovated with the help of local supporters, and this event has such a benefit – assures Laszlo Avonni. “Very good wine is grown here, I want a lot of people to get acquainted with our producers and our fine wines. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting all the Edelény Mountains, and soon we will organize a walk on God’s Hill, for example. ”

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(On cover photo: The Bench Band has pulled out the footstool)

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