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Gaspard Pace’s family did not like life in Budapest, so they moved to their house, but the joy was not complete

Gaspard Pace’s family did not like life in Budapest, so they moved to their house, but the joy was not complete

They moved to Budapest last November, primarily to be close to their daughters Evelyn and Viraj. It had only been half a year, but Lady Bea had already returned to Nograd County. He missed his usual life, his spacious house, and his garden. In addition, they lived in a sublease apartment in the city.

They disagreed

They tried living in Budapest, but it didn’t work out – at least not for the mother of the family. “We thought we might get used to him, so we hired him anyway. It didn’t work out. Unfortunately not,” he explained in Mocha, when Giusecki asked him to speak only for himself. “I’m not missing anything. I’m happy to be here. The fact that Pia doesn’t like it…then go home alone. I feel very good in Budapest. I don’t know what he’s complaining about, nothing is good for him, he doesn’t like anything – he just ignores it. “Return to the crowd of fools!”

Members of a couple think differently about many things (Photo: Birton Szabolcs/

He also likes to do nothing

We wanted to ask her how Pia finally managed to convince her husband, and also what life has been like since they returned home, but as she said, there’s nothing new under the sun. Being at home is just like it’s always been: peace and quiet. “We live in a place where life doesn’t revolve around much,” he said a week ago, also in Moka. -We live daily life in the village. Győző doesn’t like this very much, it comes and goes, but I like for nothing to happen – he smiled. – Suppose I visit my parents often, or simply walk around the village at home. When they come up to me, they say, ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you!’ which is nice.”

They moved to the capital because of their daughters (Photo: Olajos Piroska/

Her husband can be proud of her

Bea has had a lot to do lately, so it’s no wonder she’s tired of the constant spinning. His fourth cookbook was published in November last year, and he filmed the film Hal a tortán, and in the meantime he was a guest on several shows, and was also a member of the jury. “It’s good to calm down. There was a big break in my life before I started shooting for this TV. Before that, I was just an ordinary little gray mouse waiting for her husband to come home, to wash, cook, clean, and that’s it. Of course, I raised Children, which Gyuzo was very happy about. Now he is happy because I don’t ask him for money, but I buy what I need for myself. “He’s also happy when I come home from home, because then he takes care of the dog and rests,” he added, laughing. “But to be honest “I really enjoy my job.” I cooked all the time anyway, and now I get paid for it.

Photo: Story-Best Magán/

Successful diet

The mother of the family was a guest of Mokka, and presenters Barbara Orosz and Gergő Váczi welcomed her with how beautiful, and even radiant, she was different. “You’re so pretty, really! New boyfriend?” asked Jerjo Vacci, and Mrs. Pia burst into laughter. “Almost…” he said jokingly. – but not! “I’m in the middle of a diet that I manage to stick to from time to time, and you can see the results.”

Featured image: Burton Szabolcs/

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