Garát-Gasparics Fanni scored a hat-trick for USA at the women’s hockey All Star ceremony, winning 3-2

The All Star Gala for the Overseas Women’s Hockey League, PHF, took place over the weekend, and three teams took to the ice: Canada, the USA and the World Team. The latter team also had two Hungarian players: Fanny Garrat Gaspariks and Toronto-born Taylor Becker.

Moreover, Garát-Gasparics not only played, but scored all three goals for the World Team in the 3-2 win over the United States.

The Canadian, American and international teams clashed in a mini-tournament. The matches lasted 14 minutes, I scored a hat-trick against the Americans, and the organizers promised that they would send me the disc of that match as a souvenir.

The World Team, which featured players from six nations, won its other game as well, as Garrett-Gaspareks points out, there was a tournament they finally didn’t play a final between the United States and Canada (these two women’s hockey dominate the country, out of 21 World Cups to date). Now, 12 editions have been won by Canada and 9 by the USA, except in 2019, no other team has reached the finals).

Garát-Gasparics finally scored a goal in the final game, but they had already lost 3-2 to Canada. Lauren Gable, who was part of the winning Canadian team, was named the best player of the tournament, but he scored only 3 goals and gave one assist, so the Hungarian hockey player became the most successful player of the festival.

Garratt-Gaspariks, who powers the Metropolitan Rivers in East Rutherford, will fly home next Monday, that week he will take part in an international tournament in Budapest with the national team, and then the Elite World Championships may follow in April, where the goal is to get into the ranks. The first eight are thus staying at the forefront of world hockey once again.

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