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Gandalf, New Zealand, launched |

Christchurch, New Zealand, has retired its official magician after 23 years of service.

88-year-old Ian Brackenbury Chanel had to cast only as many “spells” as possible to promote the city, and was paid $16,000 a year for his service – BBC writes.

However, the city finally thanked her for her work, saying that she is moving in a more modern and diverse direction. The old magician told local media that the administration said it didn’t fit the mood of the city because it was just a simple agitator.

This is a bunch of bureaucrats with no imagination!“- Out for the New Zealand news portal Stuff.

Although the city has interestingly honored the old man in the gray cloak so far, the fact is that Christchurch is the only city served by an official healer since 1982. Very formal

Even your license contains only the name of a processor.

Channell has already received about $368,000 for his work so far under the unique tax-exempt status. It’s a real tourist attraction, with rain dances performing in New Zealand and Australia during droughts, for example, and it was even on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday list in 2009 and in protests against the demolition of historic buildings following the 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

The pond has been declared a live artwork by the Association of Gallery Directors of New Zealand.

Chanel was born in London, studied sociology and psychology at the University of Leeds, then moved to New Zealand in the early 1970s, and began his career as a magician.

But over the past three decades, his work has received more and more negative repercussions, with the island’s former prime minister, for example, feeling that Chanel was dangerous because he might be able to turn people against the city’s leadership.

There will undoubtedly be consequences in the realm of spells, blessings, curses, and other supernatural things that are beyond the powers of ordinary prime ministers.The former prime minister said.

However, the old mage wouldn’t even mind moving forward, Tell Stuff that he’ll keep showing up in town And he will entertain the audience, as I have done so far:

If they want to stop them, they have to kill them firstfirmly added.

Featured in the cover photo is Ian Brackenbury Channel, The Magician (Source: Twitter).

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