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[Gamescom 2023] A new trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s 10fps game has arrived

[Gamescom 2023] A new trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s 10fps game has arrived

  • You’ve got a new preview of the game Out of network coverage
  • Neill Blomkamp’s game is based on NFTs
  • For now, the optimization leaves something to be desired
  • In contrast, we can drive around the track in many different ways

We’ve already seen a fairly successful miniseries District 9 From Battle Royale to its director (whom we also interviewed at last year’s Expo), this year Gamescom finally got a trailer that made sense. Out of network coverage, or Cyberpunk multiplayer TPS, in which the developers have also included a campaign with a duration of about 60 hours. Among other things, we can see some frames of this in the trailer below, but the focus is on the gameplay itself – it’s a pity that it’s not very convincing yet.

the The shooting in Teardrop Island looks pretty lackluster at the moment, and that’s not necessarily because of the somewhat lagging graphics, but because of the speed, in some places it looks as if the software is producing 10-15fps. However, crossing the distances looks very interesting, because in addition to the traditional vehicles, there are also lifts and jetpacks, so at least this part is good. the Out of network coverage However, its biggest selling point (although this is quite subjective) is that it also has an NFT platform called GunZ, which uses blockchain technology to trade in-game items. Far-reaching conclusions should not be drawn from what I watched, but this video certainly won’t please gamers.

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