Gamers love ray tracing, at least according to Nvidia stats

Nvidia GeForce Experience provided interesting data.

Love it and hate it, Nvidia GeForce Experience can come in handy many times over, especially for those who aren’t familiar with graphics settings for video games. Let’s say they have exactly one Great articleBut we also totally understand if someone just wants to start the game and relax a bit while doing so. GeForce Experience is great for them, automatically implementing graphics settings based on their hardware and, as it turns out, happy to report them to Nvidia.

We have now received interesting information from the Greens about the percentage of gamers who use ray tracing and DLSS in games. 83% of RTX 40 series owners have run RT in games, and 79% have also tried DLSS.

However, Nvidia has such statistics not only regarding the generation of Ada Lovelace:

  • DLSS is used by 71% of RTX 30 series owners, RT by 56%,
  • While 68% of those with an RTX 20 card ask a meter for help, and 43% of owners turn on real-time ray tracing.

It was also revealed that 62% of gamers driving one of the RTX 40 series models have a 144Hz monitor or better, but only 28% play at 4K.

While these stats look good, they’re a bit of a “take nothing, take it well,” because Nvidia, for example, hasn’t specified when someone is considered a user of ray tracing, or what it means if someone is using DLSS.

“Someone activated it once in a game, and realized their hardware couldn’t handle it, so they turned it off? Write it down!”

Of course, we don’t want to be cynical and these are really interesting numbers, but without knowing the poll method, far-reaching conclusions really shouldn’t be drawn. It is very interesting, for example, that users of old RTX 20 cards use DLSS at least. Only Nvidia can explain that.

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