Game Pass ends in April with these new features

Game Pass ends in April with these new features

  • Game Pass beginners introduced themselves at the end of April
  • The Assassin’s Creed Origins and the for honor He will also be joining the show

Towards the end of the month, Game Pass’s momentum won’t wane either, because Microsoft won’t wan openWhat’s new in the service offer in the coming days. First of all, Microsoft promises to partner with Ubisoft over the next two months to publish two popular books from the French publisher, Assassin’s Creed Origins (cloud, console, PC) and for honor: Marching Fire Edition (cloud, console) will also arrive when rendered.

In addition, as part of EA Play, you can jump anywhere, anytime through the cloud F1 2021 and the Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remastered Racing as a new independent gem Turnip fund commits tax evasion (cloud, console, PC) also available. On April 26 a 7 days to die (cloud, console, PC) and Search and destroy (Console, PC) is also connected to the display, and the line is bognax (cloud, console, PC) and non-believer (Console, PC) It will close on April 28th. In addition, 12 other games have received Xbox Touch Control support for touchscreen control, but those leaving won’t miss it, as they will be introducing their Game Pass membership on April 30. Cricket 19az ostlast 2The Secret Neighbor and the Streets of Rage 4 he is.

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