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Gabor Weger won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Photojournalist this year

Gabor Weger won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Photojournalist this year

The Robert Capa Center for Contemporary Photography established the Lifetime Photojournalist Award in 2018, in professional partnership with the Photojournalists Division of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists.
This year, Gabor Weger was chosen as the winner.

Tamás Urbán was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for Photojournalist in 2018, András Szebeni in 2019, Ferenc Rédei in 2020, and Imre Benkő in 2021.

In the gallery below the ad you can see a selection of photographs by photographer Gabor Weger!

press release:

Gabor Viger has been a constant presence in the Hungarian press for many decades, with a photojournalist for one newspaper, photo editor for the other, and both for the third. His work is part of the classic photojournalism activism. He is a mature and confident photographer trained for the big tasks.

His talent was recognized everywhere, his work was appreciated. At the same time, his name reminds us not only of a photojournalist covering everyday events, but also of being a successful photographer in large-scale business that takes a lot of time and requires diligence, diligence and perseverance. Photographed in the old soul: always accurate and beautiful.

He gives an accurate and realistic picture of the subjects he depicts, whether it is a moment of human life or a bridge. His images are scanty, his style is devoid of emotion, but his images are not passive. He doesn’t get hung up on a pretty surface, he’s trying to look behind things. Moreover, he is present as a participant, living with the moment, and taking his pictures as a result of the experience. We can also say that he found relatives in the subjects of his portrait, be it a weaver, a bar dancer, Janos Ferenczyk, Annie Fischer, or just a bridge in Budapest. It’s like photographing his brothers with endless interest and love.

Members of the Board of Trustees, the CAPA Center and the Department of Photojournalists of MÚOSZ congratulate Gabor Weger!

Gabor Weger (born in 1954) graduated from the Photography Department of the High School of Fine and Applied Arts, then went to the Hungarian Telegraph Office as a photojournalist trainee. After that, he graduated as a photojournalist from the School of Journalism of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists. As a trainee for an MTI photographer, he joined the Border Guard. As a civil servant in the Border Guard, after graduating from the public administration of MLEE, he graduated in 1980 as a photojournalist at the MÚOSZ School of Journalism. From 1976 to 1982, he was a founding member of the Youth Photography Studio. Between 1978 and 1989, he worked in Nebszava as a photojournalist and then as a columnist. He has been a member of the Hungarian Photographers Association since 1978, and of the photojournalists division of MOSZ since 1980. He was a founding member and in 1996/1997 was a member of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Chamber of Photojournalists. He represented the photojournalists division of the MÚOSZ board of directors, of which he was chairman from 2004-2005. From 1989 to 1990 he worked as a photo editor for the political weekly Világ, then for the magazines Fitness, Erato and Videó. In 1992-1993, he was a photo editor, columnist and photojournalist for the Republican weekly color political magazine. Work by piece after the end of the newspaper. Between 1994 and 2013 he was photo editor for Népszabadság, and from 2014 for Ridikül magazine.

In the past decades, he has held many solo exhibitions (Ferencváros Celer Gallery, 1976; Budapest Bridges – MVM Gallery, 2002, London, Covent Garden 2004, Budapest, Chain Bridge 2004, Palasi Institute, 2009, Tallinn, Hungarian Institute, 2009; Portfolio 50 – Budapest, House of Hungarian Photographers, 2004, Portraits of Musicians – Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010, Music – Other – Photo – Gallery Kolta, 2018), recipient of several prizes (VIT – main prize of the competition 1973; Prize, 1988, photography competition Hungarian Journalist, 1999 Hungarian Society of Photographers Special Prize Márton Munkácsi Hungarian Society of Photojournalists Special Prize for Best Collection 3rd Category Art and Science Prize, Hungarian Press Photography Competition 2001 1st Category Prize for Nature and Environment 3rd Prize in Social Representation Category Prize Rudolf Balogh, 2002 Hungarian Photojournalism Competition, 2002 Special Prize of the Hungarian Society of Photographers, Márton Munkácsi Special Prize of the Hungarian Society of Photographers for Best Group R, Social Representation Category 2 Ja. Art and Science Award, third category. Award; 2003 Hungarian Photojournalism Competition – Art and Science First Category – Social Representation Prize, Second Category. award, member of Press Lodge, 2003), and his books have been published (János Ferencsik, Portrait of a Man and Artist, Műszaki Könyvkiadó, 1984; Fejér Gábor – Photo Gallery, Volume 16, Intera Kiadó, 2001; Budapest; Fekete – Fejér Budapest , Városháza Kiadó, 2005; Sky Court – Gábor Fejér photo album, Budapest Airport, 2011).

Pictures and text: Kappa Center
Cover photo: Gabor Weger

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