Gábor Rakonczay and Nóra Vámos go on an expedition to the ice field in Greenland

Gábor Rakonczay and Nóra Vámos go on an expedition to the ice field in Greenland

Extreme athlete Gabor Rakoncze is facing a fascinating adventure once again, this time across the largest island on Earth, Greenland, with partner Nora Vamos. A pair of males and females crossing the Greenland ice cap for six hundred kilometers is a rarity internationally, and a Hungarian woman has never completed such a long expedition to the North Pole.

“I was already on this expedition in 2018, then I had to get the qualification here for the Antarctic expedition – Gábor Rakonczay told Csupasport, who is going on a big adventure with his partner on Wednesday. – At that time, there were seven of us, we all participated in the tour as both ordinary and experienced athletes. It worked out great, it was such a great experience, it was clear that I would be back someday. Usually many people of different nationalities participate in these campaigns, it is rare for two people to come from the same country.

In addition, the male and female pair have not yet completed an expedition of the same level.”

A difficult test of strength awaits the Hungarian couple who want to conquer Greenland

Gábor Rakonczay and Nóra Vámos have worked well together in the past period, and Ms. partner wholeheartedly supports all her ongoing projects. The question was raised, what could be the next step, so the choice was made for the trip to Greenland. They start from the city of Kangerlussuaq, the destination is Tasilac which is 600 km away, they want to complete the distance in a maximum of thirty days.

“It is interesting that we carry all the equipment with us, and we drag it on two skis for thirty days. The plan is to complete eight to ten stages a day, we go for an hour, then there is a ten minute break to eat, we come back again for an hour, and there is another ten minutes for a break To eat.We bring a total of two hundred seventy thousand calories and sixty kilograms of food for the two of us.As we go on, the skates will become easier to eat.

What do we bring? Coffee, soup, chocolate, snacks, porridge, oilseeds and muesli bars, we need to replace four thousand to five hundred calories per day.

We got these things together for ourselves, and we packed the food. When heating, we do not heat the food, but melt the ice, pouring the resulting hot water over the food, which will then be ready to eat. This process will take an hour and a half in the morning and evening.”

This seven hundred is not the six hundred, Gabor Rakunkzai and Nora Vamos presented the painting after running a previous joint

They carry an arctic expedition tent with them, which is very powerful. Its special feature is that it has a snow skirt around it, which snaps when filled with snow. This is useful in the event of a storm, and also secures the tent as well as the ropes. They sleep in sleeping bags under them, this is the only way to withstand the temperature below twenty degrees.

“Based on GPS, we know where we need to go and where we are, but in order not to get caught up in the freezing cold, we only turn it on sometimes. We remove the position point and keep the direction between two position points using the compass. We will have a phone It works by satellite to communicate with it, and we will have a beacon that sends our location. With the help of this, anyone can follow our journey on the Internet. What we have to pay attention to are the areas with ice cracks, we have to be smart here. There is likely to be a big storm in the meantime Thirty days, and we will pass it in the tent. Dangerous situations may arise, but it will not get into trouble. This expedition is very dangerous in terms of the challenges of the Arctic: it occupies a prominent place, being completed by ten to fifteen people every year.”

Nora Vamos: “I prepared for the expedition with increased performance and sprinting, of course on Gabor’s guidance. I tried to mentally prepare myself, we talked a lot, took on a lot of things about what our mission was. I got to know all the equipment, know what and how to use it. I am really looking forward to starting the expedition, As we get closer to leaving, my adrenaline is surging inside me. I feel safe with Gabor, it’s a great compliment because he takes me with him and he’s sure I’ll be fine. The latest projects have been great, and I’m sure we’ll have a great experience again.”

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