Gabor Matti: Peter Gottard lost more than it seemed

Gabor Matti: Peter Gottard lost more than it seemed

Gabor mate He was a theater actor and director of Katuna Joseph Kadarkai Indre Guest is Club Radio Behind the words Where, among other things, Peter Gutard The Katona Joseph theater molestation case also ended, which broke out in the fall of 2019. Gabor Matti now spoke of the difficult situation he found as a theater director, when on the one hand he had to get rid of a director whom he considered a very important artist, and on the other hand, the government press presented a political case outside the case. .

This is [Gothár Péter] Deprivation of my soul in his life. The broker he thought belonged to was something he had lost. He lost a lot. He lost more than it seemed

– Gabor Matti, who also said he spoke to Guitar one last time after a week of class, said they have not communicated since. Matthew also said that he was subjected to a lot more attacks than Gothar because the case had become a political affair and the case severely burdened him.

If someone reads somewhere that I should be sentenced to three years in prison on my head, what they say matters. It is also important that no one yells asks me what they are

He said about the attacks from the government.

Gábor Máté answered yes to the question if he was also one of the company members who sought the help of a psychiatrist due to the Gothár case. True, the second time he did not go to the specialist anymore, although he believed that he should do so. According to him, the case was divided by the soldier’s company, and societal trauma was the case.

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a Behind the words You can listen to his full broadcast here.

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