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Gabor Krausz and Anna Meeks posted an intimate photo from Vienna

Gabor Krausz and Anna Meeks posted an intimate photo from Vienna

The couple is currently romancing in the Austrian capital.

As we wrote in more detail here, Gabor Krausz and his dancing partner from Dancing with the Stars, Anna Meeks, recently admitted to fans that they've been a couple since the show. The chef broke the silence in an Instagram story that is available for 24 hours: He added, along with a red heart, to their shared photo that

There were two strangers who suddenly…

Gabor Krausz's ex-wife, Gabby Toth, also responded to the announcement. The singer revealed to nlc that it is no secret to her that Gabor and Anna got together. “Obviously I've known this for a long time, but this is their private life, and it was their decision when they made it. I'm very happy for their happiness! We all have a very good relationship. We also meet every four years, with my partners, Matty and Anna, and also every five years, When our little girl, Hanarosa, was there too.”

Gabby also told our newspaper that they all have a very good relationship, and that she personally wishes the couple a lot of happiness. Gabor Krausz responded to Gabi's statement on the same day: “I can't ignore what's happening in the media right now. There are no meetings of any kind, but it doesn't matter that we hand over our little girl to each other. There was actually an occasion like this when the four of us were present, that is, Anna was with me, and my ex-wife came.” With her partner, but except for a couple of polite sentences, nothing else was said. The chef told Borz.

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Romantic Vienna

According to all indications, the star chef is relaxing with his new partner in the Austrian capital. At least that's what's evident from their latest shared Instagram story. This time, the lovers are no longer as discreet as in their first photo together: a kiss accompanied by a red heart, They shared an intimate photo With their followers, if:

Gabor Krausz and Anna Meeks posted an intimate photo from Vienna

Gabor Krausz and Anna Meeks posted an intimate photo from Vienna (Photo: Instagram)

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