Gabi Tóth kicked off Monday with a big announcement (with photo)

Gabi Tóth kicked off Monday with a big announcement (with photo)

Feeling it’s time to switch, the singer went on to detail that Monday morning, posting a selfie of herself.

From time to time, Gabi Tóth focuses on the positive and the negative. last known youtube user, Zolt Asvath drew harsh and, according to some, harsh criticism against himTo which the singer did not respond.

She didn’t reply, the story soon rang out, but now Gabby has made another announcement. And the big announcement is about the meal, and now he knows what it’s like to do that, which isn’t really easy.

“Good morning! It was a sad moment yesterday, because I knew I was going to have pork with buns for the last time!” declared Gabe Toth, whose post many noticed after suddenly not knowing what it was all about.

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“I’ll take it from the carbs of the day…I stare out the window and say goodbye to bread, dough and pancakes with jam while memories explode and those truly saturated moments!” Gaby, who was at his best for some time, was added, but decided to say goodbye to this delicacy.

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