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Gabby Toth’s mind revolves around the “dangers” that await them during their family vacation.

Gabby Toth's mind revolves around the "dangers" that await them during their family vacation.

This will be her young daughter’s first trip to Lake Balaton.

to Gabi Toth In recent days almost all the time a I will be a star! rotation tied her up. On her Instagram, she mentioned that her little daughter had only recently seen her in her makeup, henwho “was reluctant to show that he was now asking his mother to come back”.

I can’t wait for our family vacation together to recharge each other 🙏 In the meantime, my mind is clearly on the “risks” lurking there 😅

– He wrote in his letter to publish his last post on his blog.

On the . website readable not clean He writes on his blog on Wednesday that he is thinking about the coming weeks with mixed enthusiasm. with her husband, With Gabor Crosses They were on their way to a family vacation with their little daughter for the first time, and the destination is Lake Balaton. As she writes, this is the most beautiful place in the world for her and she also wants to show Hinrosa the locations of her fondest childhood memories, yet she is a little nervous about the holiday, for three reasons.

  1. First of all, he worries about the strange and self-sufficient waters of Lake Balaton, where “for a moment it can suffice to lose attention and trouble.” She fears the crowd will miss her little daughter in the blink of an eye.
  2. Her other fear is beetles, especially wasps, to which she is allergic, but she does not know if her daughter has inherited it from her.
  3. At the end of the list is light protection. The singer asked her readers for advice about applying sunscreen, UV-filtered clothing, or both to their children.

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