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Future residents are personally chosen one by one in the American utopia

Future residents are personally chosen one by one in the American utopia

The brand new Telosa city starts with a clean slate, so that designers have the opportunity to create the most perfect arrangement according to their vision, both in terms of infrastructure and community.

As previously reported, he is recovering in the United States Telusa His idea was proposed by the American billionaire Mark Laure, while he was trying to find an answer to how to create a society based on an economic model where, by eliminating the shortcomings of capitalism, life would be based on a more just social order and the population would really get back what they deserve for their labor investor. Lore saw that the greater problem was in the habit of owning land, which causes the rich to monopolize the areas, while not investing meaningful labor in their prosperity, so that in the city he depicted, the inhabitants would have rights to real estate, but the land itself would be the property of the community. And the values ​​created will increase the population.

“For example, what if we paid the same taxes we pay now, but because of that we got the best social services in the world?”

– asked the businessman, and if not soon, it may become clear in future times whether it is really possible to create such a seemingly perfect, if not perfect, society, according to Laure.

The location of the future Telosa has yet to be determined, so far the original candidates, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and the Appalachian region, to only Nevada, Utah and Arizona have been decided, but plans have already been made as to exactly how Telos residents will live and what type of infrastructure will ensure their lives daily. Since the city is focused on the well-being of people, and for this it is not necessary to transform and modernize a long-established structure, but planners can build it in any form, and therefore a completely new system can be born: among other things, elements that are usually embedded in settlements , like parking spaces, will be lost from sight. Just like cars.

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Telosa designer BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) showcased the latest elements of the project on 25 July, including a modular vehicle platform that city dwellers can travel on and which, by attaching various modules, can also take the form of flying or rolling transportation. Ground-to-air capsules can serve as self-driving cars and eVTOLs, as well as being compatible with hyperloops and high-speed magnetic levitation trains. Fully automated transportation makes it possible to get rid of parking lots that take up a lot of space and vehicles wait at subway stations for the time needed to fill them.

In the city, the park will play a central role, providing the backbone of the structure, providing residents with proximity to green spaces, and the traditional city center will be replaced by multifunctional centers, thanks to each person living in the city 5 million people can reach all destinations within 15 minutes: Work places, shops, offices, services and entertainment centers.

In this particular city, the composition of the population is also planned in a special way: the organization chooses the population with the greatest possible diversity in mind. Laure in an interview with USA News He said: The exact path of this process is still being planned, but it is likely that the first 50,000 residents will be accepted based on the application procedure. Diversity will be ensured by the widest possible representation of races, religions, and nationalities, and Lore’s team of fifty, made up of architects, historians, researchers, engineers, climate experts and economists, will assist with questions related to census regulation.

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Although a place is designed to be completely neutral from a political point of view, where anyone can move in regardless of their affiliation, selection procedures can provide a basis, even involuntarily, for discrimination, so society is instead organized along certain values Taking into account the psychological and non-social aspects.

“I am very open to other people’s opinions and want Telosa to be based on people’s collective thinking.”

Laure said.

(Design Photo: Telusa city)

They will build the next big city in the US from scratch
In Telosa, everyone is equal, and the sky is populated by air taxis.

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