Fun science - the robotic arm helped (with pictures and video)

Fun science – the robotic arm helped (with pictures and video)

– Here we can see an industrial robot arm, its advantage is that it provides a helping hand in the work and the workers can be next to the structure safely. He explained that the special feature of this piece is that it can be programmed via laptop and mobile phone Zoltan KomaromiThis is it MZX robots Robotics Product Manager. “And the rest are building block-type robots.” The advantage of these is that kids can learn simpler programming languages ​​with them even at an early age. Each assembly can be assembled in a variety of ways involving sensors and servomotors.

This time, the primary target group of the festival is MSZC students. Miskolc University welcomes the most talented students – we heard the professor. Dr. Zeta Horvatat the inauguration ceremony of the Rector of Miskolc University.

– We came with a class of 10th grade technicians involved in hospitality and tourism training from MSZC’s István Szentpáli Technical and Vocational Commercial and Hospitality Training School – he said. Editing by Anna Vichy, teacher of physical education and geography in Szentpáli. – We consider this program a good opportunity because children can learn about robots that can be used in hospitality and commerce. It is already widespread in Western Europe and some Eastern countries.

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