Fudan University in China also cooperates with five German universities and Yale University in the United States

Fudan University in China also cooperates with five German universities and Yale University in the United States

Fudan University of China has five German universities and twenty-four Scandinavian universities, with campuses in America and around the world. The joint ventures focus on business training and Chinese studies, writes A. Mandiner.

The authors state that the Hungarian left is constantly attacking the Chinese institution of Fudan University in Budapest. First and foremost, as Ms. Gyurcsany indicated in an interview with an anti-government news port, they say they do not want the country to be a “Chinese colony”.

Fudan was criticized as being merely a collector of Chinese expansion and communist ideology. In contrast, the truth is that it is today the Faculties of Social Sciences in the universities of the Western world that propagate Marxism with the greatest enthusiasm, the authors point out, adding that it could be difficult for a communist ideology to propagate Marxism. Prevail.

Fudan was established more than 40 years before the Communists

Fudan was not established during the communist period, but more than forty years earlier, in 1905, even in imperial China, shortly before the fall of the last dynasty in 1912. Fudan did not come to Hungary for the first time in the Western world, it had established the university Has long been a wide network of contacts with Europe and America.

Fudan is a member of Universitas 21.

The collaboration involves 27 research universities that maintain joint student exchange programs and research projects, and have closer collaboration in these areas. He is a member of Universitas 21, among others

  • Three American universities (University of California, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland);
  • Four British universities (University of Birmingham, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Nottingham);
  • University of Zurich from Switzerland
  • Lund University, Sweden,
  • University of Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Irish University College Dublin,
  • Canada McMaster University,
  • Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium,
  • And three Australian universities (University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland).
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Fudan, Germany

In Germany, Fudan works with five universities: Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt, Freie Universität in Berlin, Universität zu Köln in Cologne, Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen, and finally the University of Konstanz. In Austria, Salzburg Business College (SMBS) is a partner institution of Fudan, as there is an exchange program within the MBA program.

The Fudan-Goethe Collaboration consists of two types of exchange programs and a joint four-week summer university. The four-week program also includes Cologne. Its topics are: Chinese society and politics, Chinese history and culture, Chinese business and economics, and the Chinese language. This is an example of “soft power” in China.

At Freién in Berlin, collaboration is limited to the Erasmus + Worldwide program. In Tübingen, a joint program of the Fudan-Tübingen Science Fair will take place annually from 2021, in alternative locations. In the case of Constance, since 2005 the two universities have held a joint community symposium on different legal topics in different locations.

Fudan in Scandinavia

Fudan established the North Center in Shanghai in 1995,

Which has since collaborated with 24 Scandinavian universities: five Danish, six Finnish, Icelandic, six Norwegian and six Swedish. Member universities can order customized courses in Shanghai or send 3-3 students for two summer courses; Additionally, they pay research positions in Shanghai for Scandinavian lecturers. On the Shanghai campus, you can study “Northern Studies”, which is held every year by another Scandinavian university.

In 1996, the Fudan School of Management established the Business School in Norway, which is run jointly with BI Norwegian Business School, the second largest business school in Europe, and Inaugurated by the then Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. Also here, the two universities hold a joint MBA course.

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The Center for Chinese Studies has been working with Fudan at the University of Copenhagen since 2013. This center hosts NEWDAY, the Nansen Academy for East-West Dialogue (Nansen Academy for East-West Dialogue) summer in Lillehammer, Norway.

He also has a relationship with Yale University in the United States

In the United States, Fudan also has an enduring relationship with Yale University,

In 2008, he founded the Foundation for Education Development at Fudan University in New York.The Cultural Sociology Research Center of Yale Fudan University operates on the campus of Fudan University in Shanghai, in exchange for this guest Chinese professors regularly come to Yale University.

In 2002, a partnership was established between the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, USA, and the Fudan School of Business, and a joint MBA program was established in China. The University of California’s San Diego campus has housed a joint center for contemporary China since 2012.

In 2011, Fodan joined the British Tindall Center for Climate Research network, established in 2000, which also includes four British universities (University of East Anglia, University of Cardiff, University of Manchester and University of Newcastle).

In New Zealand, at the University of Auckland, Fudan has a joint center for China Oceanian studies.

So global higher education and scientific cooperation in the globalized world also clearly extend to Chinese universities, including Fudan – why might it be any different? In light of all this, it is worth forming an opinion about Fudan’s plans in Hungary, the Mandiner authors write.

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