FTC: "The movement of the arm from the heart to the sky cannot be done with one hand."

FTC: “The movement of the arm from the heart to the sky cannot be done with one hand.”

Ferencváros has collected important fan information, bans and advice for drivers traveling to Glasgow for an away game against Celtic on their official website.

Strict rules await FTC fans traveling to Glasgow (Image: NS Archive)


fradi.hu Remember, those who choose to purchase tickets in person can already collect their tickets, while online coupon shoppers can pick up their match ticket from the club’s security service two hours before the match near the guest strip and stadium. “The acquisition site with Fradi Molino is great on it » Collect ticketsMarked immediately.

Tickets will be collected exactly 50 meters from the Celtic Football Store. It is located near the A74 (London Road) opposite the Emirates Arena, at the entry point after the Celtic Way statue, as the report highlights.

Fans can enter the stadium at gates T66 and T67 in Celtic Park (Glasgow G40 3RE, UK). Guest tickets for sector No. 120. The club draws attention to the fact that it is useful to keep personal documents and medical papers at hand, since the organizers can order them at any time.

The fan code of conduct was also discussed in detail.

“We ask all of our fans to refrain from any profanity, exclusion or discrimination against other peoples, nations, groups of persons, sexual minorities, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, political or non-sporting appearances. UEFA Disciplinary Code prohibits All gestures and expressions not related to sports. If you notice such a gesture, please do not protest it in any way, because protest is not an appearance related to sports either. In particular, you should avoid any hand gesture that may be interpreted by UEFA as Nazi flattery or An anti-Semitic symbol »From heart to sky“One-handed arm movement is absolutely not possible!”

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The article covers the ban on the use of pyrotechnic devices – incense, firecrackers and sound bombs – and notes that referees and UEFA, which is organizing the match, should not be reprimanded, because UEFA also interprets offensive terminology with reference to gender as a discriminatory, obscene, discriminatory, abusive or political appearance of sexual minorities and may impose severe penalties on the club. It also interprets forgery and plagiarism that UEFA classifies as an organized criminal group, or criminal organization, as an insult or political manifestation, and may impose severe penalties on the club.”

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