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FTC: I had an idea, I didn’t go into the unknown – Máté Lékai

FTC: I had an idea, I didn’t go into the unknown – Máté Lékai

Although it was in the air, one of the surprises of the summer was the change of club of coach Mate Lekai, who moved from Veszprem to Ferencvaros in order to get more playing opportunities, and this is not only in his favor, but also from the Hungarian national team.

When did you first think about changing clubs?
“Last year and the end of the season was not an easy period in my life, but I didn’t really think about changing clubs until the middle of the summer,” the 147-time national team coach told Nemeziti Sport. Matt Lekai. – Then when I saw that I was not going to spend more time on the field in Vesprem next year, or maybe not as much as last year, I had to make a decision because I wanted to play and keep fit, which is because of the Hungarian national team and my career was also of basic considerations.

Name – Mitt Lekai

Boy: June 16, 1988. Budapest
length weight: 190 cm / 92 kg
Posted by: observer
his clubs: Szentendre KC (2002-2004), PLER KC (2004-2010), Pick Szeged (2010-2012), RK Celje (Slovenian) (2012-2014), MKB Veszprém, Telekom Veszprém (2014-2022), Ferencváros (2022– 2022))
Note: Match/Goal:278/823
Team / Target:147/424 (2009–)
Best results:4th Olympic (2012), 5th World Cup (2021), 2x WC-7th. (2011, 2017), WC-8. (2013), EC-8. (2014), 3x
BL-2. (2015, 2016, 2019), BL-3. (2017),
4 x SEHA-League-1. (2015, 2016, 2020, 2021), two-time winner of the Slovenian Cup (2013, 2014), four-time champion of Hungary (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019), six-time winner of the MK (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022), Hungarian Handball Player of the Year (2017)

– He spent eight years in Veszprem. Did you find it difficult to make a decision?
When it became clear that I wasn’t going to get any more chances at The Builders, it wasn’t too hard to get them because I had to consider my career. But I also do not deny that it was difficult for me to leave Veszprém early, I did not plan it that way. If you had asked me three years ago, I would have said I would retire from there, but that has changed today. I’m healthy, I feel good, I didn’t come to Solo to be eliminated at all, and I don’t even think of the club as my last stop. I just want to play and help the team and perform well, and I will have the opportunity to do that. As long as I can, I will do it with all my might!

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– He said in a video of the Green and White Club that the confirmation happened quickly. How do we understand this?
Ferencváros was able to quickly come to an agreement with me and Telekom Veszprém. On the other hand, the shortness of time played a role in this, and the fact that it wasn’t really that difficult to make a decision. I received many foreign offers from Poland, France, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, as well as from home, but Freddy was an obvious choice, and I didn’t even have to think about it. On the one hand, because I didn’t want to go abroad without my family, my son and my wife, and on the other hand, I felt throughout the club that he wanted to get me and work with me. And not only the club management, but also the coach, István Paştor, made me feel during our conversation that he needed me. In addition, I have already played with many players, and I know them.

“Have you spoken to anyone?” Let’s say with Zsolt Balogh, who also moved to Ferencváros?
– I had never met anyone before, but I was aware of what was happening in the club, and did not come into the unknown. Since then, I have already spoken to Zsolti, asking how the preparations are going, what the atmosphere is like in the team, how the players received the news of my transfer. He only said good things, but of course we’ll find out when I’m there.

– What role did the FTC play in the International Cup in your decision?
“It was important, but not decisive.” Instead, Frady has been getting better in recent years, coming into fourth place recently, which I think we can maintain or even move forward. At the moment we have two matches against Nagybánya in the Europa League at the end of August and the beginning of September, and I am sure there will be more, and it will be good to get to the main table. But let’s not rush ahead, I’m training for the first time on Friday at the Elk Giola Arena.

He lives in Veszprem with his family. What changes in practice should you train in the capital?

– So far, I have only come to Budapest, but as soon as we find a suitable apartment, a kindergarten, and everything is generally organized, they will follow me too. Like I said, I don’t want to go anywhere without them.

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– In recent years, he has had minor or major health problems. Is everything okay now?
“IM in good health”. I had a knee injury between February and March, but fortunately it was effectively treated, so I haven’t missed a game or practice in the last two or two and a half months of the season. Now I fell in the middle almost immediately, since I finished the previous season later, so I’m a little behind the others, but I’m not worried, I’ll catch them.

“You may have a lot of memories from Vesperm.” Choose three!
– The first, when I was introduced as a Celgy player at the Veszprém Arena with Gasper Margucc, was very etched in my memory. The second is the dramatic Champions League final against Kielce, which unfortunately you can’t forget, and the celebration of the Hungarian championship titles in Vesperm, which was awarded to me four times, is over until the end. Fortunately, you can’t forget about them either!

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