Jön az FSR 3.0, az AMD technológiája a semmiből generál új képkockákat kép

FSR 3.0 is coming, AMD technology generates new tires from scratch

The manufacturer has no intention of lagging behind Nvidia, and expects a massive performance boost from the new algorithm.

Besides showing the RTX 4000 series, Nvidia has introduced the third iteration of its upgrade algorithm, DLSS, which, judging by the signals, will not only be able to turn a low-resolution display into a beautiful picture, but also create completely new frames between existing ones, thus improving the experience, And make the image more continuous. Yesterday, AMD also talked a little bit about the future of FSR, which is currently on a very similar path.

According to the manufacturer, FSR 3.0 boosts our games with twice as many frames as the current version 2.0, thanks to a technology called Fluid Motion Frames.

They haven’t gone into details yet, but they certainly, like DLSS, also see the future in frame generation (DLSS 3 can generate every second frame without the GPU rendering even a single pixel), thereby virtually doubling the frame rate. The technology will certainly rely heavily on AI accelerators for the new cards.

Since the company only introduced FSR 2.0 this summer, we’re likely to be at least half a year away from the first appearance of FSR 3.0. The AMD upgrade algorithm is being implemented by more and more people, soon, for example, version 2.2 will be included in Forza Horizon 5, but in some titles the developers did not follow the switch, so the new Call of Duty, for example, is still used Version 1.0.

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