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Fruzsina Kovácsovics told how she felt as Balázsék's hostess

Fruzsina Kovácsovics told how she felt as Balázsék's hostess

He also spoke about whether he would be in the job long term.

For one show on Friday Frosina Kovacsovice Join the third (Wild Janie evacuated) To Palaz Sebestyen And To Ferry Rakoczi the Balazsek On the radio program. NLC singer He saidHow did he feel?

“It wasn't the first time I went, I actually appeared on air a few months ago, with Jani and Balázs. I was looking forward to this day, because until then I had a good time with the boys. Today was great too!” – Kovacovich said, then continued:

Obviously this is completely unknown territory for me, because I've never been in radio before. Of course, they encourage me to calmly say what I think, and not hold back, but there is still a natural human fear. I was afraid, since I was only a guest, to get involved in different topics. How homely should I be? Everything takes time for me, especially in a situation like this. Fortunately, Balazs and Ferry are professional and nice people, so they help with everything. It's nice to be around them.

The singer also responded to comments in which she addressed that she would be Balazsek New presenter.

It's no secret that they listen to more people, and also think about women. It's complicated. If they think they want to work with me, I will definitely have to restructure my life as well. To consider whether this type of work fits into my daily life

– he said, adding: “I think a new task, or a different push, will be beneficial in my life, and that's why I'll be happy with it. It's a different physical and mental burden than I'm used to, where you have to be on your toes at six in the morning. You have to buzz “And it vibrates constantly. For now, I'll enjoy it when they call me, and the rest is the music of the future.”

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Balázs Sebestyén's young son also spoke on Thursday's broadcast:

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