From Záhony to Paris – Hungarian winemaker on top of the world

Zsófia Kövesdi is not yet thirty years old, but she can already say that it opened the way for Hungarian red wines in Europe with its award-winning wines. This is quite an achievement, especially in a profession where the proportion of female professionals is no more than ten percent. The master winemaker at Jammertal Wine Estate told us about antique here and beyond, daily life after award, and dreams come true and desired.

Turning the Zsófia Kövesdi social page, the man shook his head, the little girl is happy to report several moves. In 2015 he went to California, the following year he went to New Zealand and then to France, and soon Portugal became the new stop. And if, we think, he agreed, saying that the European land was finally under his feet again, it turned out that his next destination was Australia.
And if we’ve come to the conclusion then that we’re headed to Antarctica, we haven’t thought too well: Next Destination and Love Ever Since: Villány – This might be the final destination.
What do these countries have in common? It is clear that many people, especially wine lovers, know that grapes are the most beautiful in these parts of the world, wine is the most delicious, and perhaps the sun shines differently. After completing his university studies in Corvinus as a wine engineer and winemaker, his strongest desire was to master the ins and outs of his future profession in these landscapes and to become a master of his craft.
Perhaps it was this ambition that made him eligible for the world’s first red wine at the age of twenty-eight. As the main winemaker of the Jammertal Wine Estate, Zsófia was awarded the highest-scoring red wine award last summer, which was won by the 2015 Cassiopeia Merlot by Villány Winery in the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles competition.

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Two years, four crops

Sophia begins her story: “I do not belong to a wine-making family, so it was clear that I could see the world, so I could learn the craft relatively quickly and comprehensively.” – I hid on the Internet, looked at ads, because these opportunities are not on the university bulletin board. I applied to many places and tried to stand where I was accepted. I am fortunate because with the help of my family, I had the opportunity to finance the trips in advance and then put the money back into the family budget from the money I earned at the wineries. This is how you work, you study and work at the same time if you really want to know everything about your chosen profession.

Zsófi completed his master’s degrees in French and Portuguese in Montpellier and Lisbon, and also worked in English during his travels around the world. Everywhere, she tried to be happy with her work, develop and, last but not least, keep in touch with fellow local students, and even make friends. And so he was one of the lucky ones who shared two harvests a year in the northern and southern hemispheres…and fell in love when he finally made a commitment to his profession: in California, a pinout noir he oversaw spread after long weeks of tending.
This is how the years went by, but in the end she was not brought home due to the epidemic; He’s been working with the owners of the Villány wine estate for the past three years.
“I learned in the first quarter of the job interview that we thought the same about wine, it’s not a question of accepting the offer. My family is happy to live in the house at last, my mother feels almost close, even though Záhony is more than five hundred kilometers from Villány, she says with a laugh. .

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