From the 1st of June we can vacation on the beach without a mask

From the 1st of June we can vacation on the beach without a mask

The Prime Minister of Constanta announced on Thursday that tourists will not have to wear masks on the beaches of the Romanian coast from June 1.

Florin Co. has consulted with beach hotel operators about this year’s tourist season. At the end of the meeting, he announced that anti-epidemic measures would be relaxed twice during the summer, first on June 1 and then on August 1.

Accordingly, from June 1, tourists on the beaches will not have to wear a mask, provided that they provide a safe distance between the sunbeds and beach sheets. Local authorities will monitor compliance with this rule.

“There was a consensus among us that wearing a mask on the beaches is no longer mandatory from June 1. My case was that the distance between the sunbeds was greater than usual, and the operators promised that. After that, I can state that you do not have to wear a mask on the beach As of June 1, ”said the Prime Minister.

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Also on June 1, hotels and restaurants that only receive vaccinated guests and whose staff have been 100 per cent vaccinated may operate. Florin Cao said a ministerial committee that is setting up a relaxation scenario will decide how to verify the tourists’ vaccinations. He noted that based on the personal number, it’s really easy to verify.

The prime minister said that in the second phase of the opening, from August 1, it will also allow mass events on the beach, such as the NeverSea Festival. Cîțu added that it might also be possible to hold the Untold Festival in Cluj-Napoca after August 1.

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A ministerial committee will meet to develop scenarios for lifting the restrictive measures on Friday.

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