"From now on, the epidemic in Hungary will rise significantly"

“From now on, the epidemic in Hungary will rise significantly”

Miklos Rosvay RTL Club reported in the evening that preparing for the fourth wave won’t hurt a program. According to him, the first step will be to create the possibility of a third vaccination. The virologist also drew attention to the fact that the immunity of those who were vaccinated in February and March was weakened and that the first vaccinators, health workers, were vaccinated at the end of December, so it is not good to prepare for this. Tasks.

Zsolt Boldogkői is a genetic virologist He told the channel that the main issue now is not the third vaccination, but the vaccination of those who have never vaccinated themselves.

The coronavirus pandemic is producing more and more new infections worldwide, mainly due to the delta variant. We wrote a comprehensive article about this on Sunday only:

It also participates in epidemiological modeling Gabor Vatay, physicist Tell the reporter that

Last week was a turning point in the epidemiological situation in Hungary.

“This weekend was our best weekend and From here, the epidemic will rise steadily“- The expert, which is calculated on the basis of data from neighboring countries, predicted. By the beginning of September, Gabor Vatay predicts today’s figures tenfold. The Ministry of Human Resources responded to the request of the RTL that Hungary is one of the safest countries. And if it is recommended by international and domestic medicine unanimously, then the Hungary is also ready to give the third vaccine.

The expert has made several statements in the previous days.

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Regarding last week’s data, the portfolio has already indicated that the epidemic curve is already showing signs of a negative reversal.

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